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Help! My soldering iron tip is stuck!

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Ok, so I was trying to remove my soldering iron tip last night, and I found out it was stuck! So I tried to pull it out with pliers, but that actually broke the tip-off of it, and now the shaft is stuck inside the barrel... I read up online that this is caused by the gradual buildup of oxides, which is making it stick... so how do I get the oxides off? There probably is a chemical process for it.. but if you don't know about anything like that, how do I get this interchangeable tip out? I can't stick the other tip in till I get this one to go "bye-bye" :/

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1. Drill it out
2. Drill into it and then use an Easy-Out
3. Try tapping it sharply with a hammer to knock it loose, though this could stick it even worse.

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