10 Best Solder Pastes
10 Best Solder Pastes
5 (100%) 13 vote[s]
Temperature Solder Paste
T4 new industry standard
Contains Silver
Two dispensing tips
MG Chemicals
Pneumatic Dispenser
No Clean Flux
Excellent Wettability
247 Solder
T4 new industry standard
183C 361F Melting Point
Two dispensing tips
Chip Quik Electronic
No Clean
Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
Synthetic No-Clean
Flux Classification: REL0
Soldering Flux Paste
Prevents metal oxidation
Acts as a wetting agent
Grade Solder Paste
Contains a No Clean Flux
96.5 / 3.5 Tin/Silver
Comes with Plunger and Tip
Silver Easy Solder Paste
Lead Free
Cadmium Free
Has a strong flux
Kester EP256
35 grams of solder paste
5 19-gauge dispensing tips
63/37 Tin/Lead
ChipQuik Solder Paste
No clean

Choose the Best Solder Paste

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Solder Pastes

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0% of users selected Temperature Solder Paste, 0% selected MG Chemicals, 0% selected 247 Solder, 100% selected Chip Quik Electronic and 0% selected CHIP QUIK SMD291AX. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Any welding hobbyist will tell you: buying a new solder paste is like choosing a new car. There are so many options to consider. Honestly, every welding specialist or amateur will tell you that only 3 features actually matter when you buy these necessary elements:

  • Lead-based or lead-free structure;
  • Alloy ratio;
  • Water-washable or no-clean;

I decided to focus on these three parameters as well. I picked 30 different products and tested them in equal conditions, more or less. The results are reflected in the rating you see on this page. The choice wasn’t that hard but there are a few factors a seller may hide or “forget” to mention when you buy this paste.

How did I select 3 major products for my rating?

  • Temperature Solder Paste is fully compatible with T4 industry standard;
  • MG Chemicals has a great “wettability” rate and useful dispenser;
  • 247 is another T4 industry standard paste, with 2 dispensing tips;

Other picks in my list are also good, at least, according to my tests. All brands are reputable enough to recommend – Chip Quik, Grade, Silver Easy, Kester, etc.

Actually, you should ask yourself before buying – what strengths, properties, operating temperatures, preferred method of soldering, different metals, and compatibility with welding machines do I need? You may ask your questions here, be happy to help if I can. Make sure to leave your comments about this guide. I can make mistakes and bad choice that is why I try to update each written review regularly. Thanks for reading!

Video Tutorial: Reworking with Solder Paste

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m an author of the blog. My hobby is electronic circuits and soldering irons.

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  1. Solder paste is super important for soldering projects. I have used a temperature solder paste in the past with an injector, but have tried different pastes over the years. Over time, I hope to gain a little more experience reworking with solder paste so I can use it more confidently on upcoming projects.

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