5 RadioShack Soldering Irons
5 RadioShack Soldering Irons
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RadioShack 6400039
RadioShack Cordless Battery-Powered Soldering Iron
Max temperature of 1050°F
LED light illuminates
RadioShack 6400255
RadioShack Soldering Starter Kit with 20-Watt Soldering Iron
Rosin-core solder
Desoldering vacuum pump
RadioShack 642051
RadioShack 15-Watt Soldering Iron with Grounded Tip
Heats tip to 590F
15W Heating Element
RadioShack 6400206
RadioShack 25-Watt Pro-Line Soldering Iron
Includes safety stand
Max temperature of 1003°F
RadioShack 6402802
5-Piece Soldering Tool Set
Max temperature of 700°F

Video Tutorial: Learn to Solder at Radio Shack

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