Best Arduino Starter Kits

5 Best Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino Starter Kit
Processor Socket: 14
Platform: Windows NT 3.5
Create up to 15 projects
SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit
Hardware Interface: USB
Voice command: Buttons
Create up to 19 projects
kuman Complete Starter Kit
Power Supply Module
Stepper Motor
1602 Screen
LAFVIN Project Super Starter Kit
Cost-effective beginner
Detailed PDF tutorial
100% Compatible with program
DFROBOT Starter Kit for Arduino with 15 Project Tutorials
Easy to Find and Storage
High-Quality Components
Create up to 15 projects

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Arduino Starter Kits

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An Arduino starter kit can be a perfect instrument to be acquainted with electronics and programming. Builders, students and even developers use it worldwide. If you want to start creating designs with your own electronics? An Arduino is a great starting place to figure out and start building your own gadgets with the best Arduino Starter Kits!

Why should you invest in Arduino starter kits? 

  • Popular tool for beginners, advanced coders and engineers. The key explanation for the life of Arduino was the convenient access of the device to its hardware world. Arduino has done a fine job with what people have asked. A basic C and C++-based programming framework rendered operating with this board simpler for all. More than every other product, the developers of Arduino offered easy instructions, repositories and Q&A experiences that make electronic learning easier for anyone. Currently, beyond the world of computing, most Arduino consumers are students;
  • Compatibility is vast. In all operating environments, such as Windows, Windows App, Linux and also Macintosh, the Arduino software environment (Arduino IDE) can be included, while most microcontroller programmers are compatible only with Windows. The needed drivers for the boards are configured with Arduino software and you would not need to install any further files if you are using the official board;
  • Affordable. For about 10 to 30 bucks, most Arduino boards can be bought. You pay for a microcontroller and programmer by buying an Arduino module, thus gaining from several more functions;
  • Great design. One of Arduino’s benefits is nature. You have DIP pins at your disposal, independent of the AVR or ARM microcontroller on your Arduino, big or tiny, DIP or SMD box. You can easily attach your Arduino to jumper-cable sensors, place it on a breadboard, connect it through USB to the device, and program it. To make things more comfortable for you, designers have gone a stage further; there are several readymade boards named shields, which you can conveniently install without wiring on your Arduino unit;
  • Easy to code. Another aspect adding to the simple use of Arduino is unifying the programming language. To program numerous ARM or AVR microcontrollers, you don’t need several languages and tools. All these functionality are introduced in the Arduino IDE;

If you want to learn Arduino at home, get one of top 5 useful starter kits described below. Compare the major specs in the table. Also, check the tips for buyers from the guide at the very end of this article. 

Arduino Starter Kit K000007 – the best for beginners!

Arduino Starter KitThis kit walks you in a hands-on manner through the fundamentals of Arduino and electronics. Using components that let you monitor the physical environment through various kinds of sensors and actuators, you will be able to create 15 projects.

A 170-page project reference book comes with it. Includes more than 100 pieces

It is sold via Mp3 Car Storefront, which focuses primarily on promoting creativity in mobile computing with product knowledge for effective production and usage.

In comparison, the programs appear to advance in complexity. Projects that are easy to do are then put in motion, helping the children first to think about the functions of and part, and how to build certain pieces. When the kids move farther along, the projects get more difficult. But no matter what project you’re doing, it doesn’t need soldering. This makes it perfect for small children to do so, too.

It also includes advanced elements, such as a piezo capsule, photoresistors and alphanumeric LCDs. For hobbyists or students who want to start making their own creations and masterpieces, the selection of components often makes it great. With very little hassle or mess, the breadboard included in the set does not need soldering, rendering it simple to use or to take apart.


  • Detailed instructions for 15 various projects;
  • Includes a 9V adapter;
  • Many specialized components;
  • Wide application for beginners and advanced users;


  • Pricey;
  • Doesn’t include software (buy separately);
  • Lacks a storage solution;

For experienced electrical engineers and enthusiastic children alike, the Official Arduino kit can be amazing, it is a great opportunity to ignite the enthusiasm for the field of science and technology for everyone. With a detailed booklet to support, you get to create and program the designs. For both seasoned users and beginners, its price, reliability, and convenience make it a solid option.

SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit– the best for components!

SunFounder Project Super Starter KitFor those who want to start with the fundamentals and work their way to more advanced creations, this SunFounder Arduino kit is great. This package includes what you need to get underway and comes with guides for the project to show you new stuff along the way.

The company developed this package to enable anybody with a colossal 200+ components offered in the plastic storage case, to get a strong footing in the world of Arduino. This collection is targeted at those just starting out and offers them a huge variety of components to get started with and that will last for several potential ventures.

This is a very good package that contains everything you need to learn how to create projects with a raspberry pi (including software). The projects contain programming for both Python and C. Hardware wise, you get a couple various panel styles, a great breadboard interface board, a stepper motor, accelerometer, switches, LEDs, etc., as well as a few various and sundry resistors along with condensers.


  • Large size;
  • Affordable;
  • Over 200 components;
  • Over 22 lessons for 19 various projects;


  • PDF tutorials are hard to read;
  • External adapter is not provided;
  • Doesn’t include an Arduino board;

The SunFounder Super Starter Arduino package is perfect for individuals that are instantly acquainted with Arduino and require specialized Arduino projects with advanced components.

Kuman Complete Starter Kit– the best for robotics projects!

kuman Complete Starter Kit44 components are provided in this Kuman starter kit and you can create 23 projects with them. EBooks, extensive guides featuring project circuits, source codes, and systematic guidance are also included, all in the form of detailed PDF files.

In addition, this kit’s performance is excellent since it includes hardware components crafted from the finest materials and they are also versatile.

This Kuman kit for the Arduino Uno R3 project is great for anyone who wants to dive into the field of robotics. It could be a perfect option for tech-savvy kids and teens.

For anyone wishing to learn the fundamentals of creating robots, this is the package. To allow travel, but also to sense the environment surrounding your new invention, it comes complete with pieces. A flame sensor, infrared sensor, and temperature sensor are also included in this package.


  • Great for 10+ kids and teens;
  • The PDF tutorial includes detailed code lessons;
  • Offers many motherboards and robotics parts;
  • Comes with a sturdy storage box;


  • Fewer components compared to other kits;
  • Only robotics projects are covered;

This package is a perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of robotics, whether it’s for the next science fair for a child, or a robot-butler prototype for fun at home. The kit provides basic knowledge and strategies to allow the creativity of a child or a teen to become true.

LAFVIN Project Super Starter Kit– the best for LCD projects!

LAFVIN Project Super Starter KitIn addition to the r3 control board, LAFVIN Super Start Package also contains LED diodes, resistors, LCD1602, RFID module, sound module with more than 50 components and sensors.

Your project would easily run out of resources utilizing standard LCDs, or minimal pin resources. You only need 2 lines with this I2C interface LCD module to show the details.

The guide provides comprehensive codes, wiring diagrams, databases, lessons, datasheets, etc. (more than 20) that illustrate step-by-step procedures and make it fun for you to study electronics. It also includes servo motor style engines, LCDs, stepper motor & DC motor, 4-bit 7-segment LCD monitor, etc.


  • Easy to learn;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Great LCD 1602 module with pin header;
  • Great customer support;
  • Includes type motors;


  • Poorly soldered 5V-pin;
  • Small resistor section;
  • The battery cable issues;

This kit is dedicated to delivering good products and great customer support through letting newcomers learn quickly with a robust PDF tutorial. At a reasonable price, it delivers good quality content that works well for both newcomers and software and program experts.

DFROBOT Starter Kit for Arduino– the best for mobile applications!

DFROBOT Starter Kit for Arduino with 15 Project TutorialsAn entry-level learning package intended for beginners is the Arduino starting kit by DFROBOT. This package can bring you to contact the electronic environment, learn Arduino Software and Hardware basics from simple to challenge, beginning from basic LED control to more sophisticated light, temperature sensors. It is available in a few languages.

Many of the products come from high-quality manufacturers worldwide. The troubleshooting period would be significantly decreased thanks to the premium materials.

In addition, this kit is straightforward to understand and all the items you need are included in the kit such that while completing the tasks you would not have a tough time following directions.


  • Good for beginners;
  • A detailed code document;
  • Simple to use;
  • Has a mobile app to learn it anytime;
  • Many components to test and develop mobile apps;


  • Pricey;
  • Reversed polarity for LM35 temperature sensor;

The DFROBOT’s kit for Arduino is suitable for anyone only starting out with programming and electronics. This package provides the required components to get you started and lead you through the field of physical computing and microcontrollers.

The Buyer’s Guide

The following major considerations are really relevant when it comes to picking Arduino starter kits, since they allow you to make the right choice:


The flexibility and accessibility of software/hardware architecture and the abundance of online tools imply that your creativity really just restricts you.

These characteristics make them perfect for someone who wants to produce a model invention, a prop with parts for movement or illumination, or merely wants to make a fun project.


In this case, flexibility relates to the ability to alter or alignment with external sources. Numerous Arduino motherboards are available that can be used for various purposes. Most Arduino boards, such as control, LED indicator, reset button, IC, and voltage regulator, have many components in general. Both these fantastic components are pre-soldered and render carrying very easy for users.

Power pins

It is better to invest in the Arduino board with such power pins on its motherboard: 

  • 5V-pin for output power regulation;
  • 3.3V-pin of regulating output power supply of the major regulator;
  • GND-pin;
  • I/O-port;

Programming language

All Arduino motherboards usually have Arduino IDE programming tools built-in. The greatest aspect of it is that it is compliant with the programming languages C, C++, Linux & Java. All Arduino boards could not assist this software, but the new versions are packed with all the programming software.

Compared to conventional models, only the top rating or most current models have this awesome feature. We end up with a purchasing guide here and pick the best one from the selection of buying guides.

The Arduino motherboard offers an interactive development framework for Arduino (IDE), a cross-platform technology written in the programming language of Java. They are called Sketches and are kept on the machine as text files (.exe).

Major components of Arduino starter kits:

  • Processor. In the Arduino lineup, UNO board is certainly the eldest son and is mostly related to its ancestors. Looking over the frame, we see an AVR processor is the key part, as is in most Arduino boards;
  • Programmer/interpreter. The processor does not understand programming language on most Arduino boards. That is why it requires an interpreter or programmer. ATMEGA16U4 or FTDI IC transforms USB to Serial on initial Arduino boards. Although cheaper ICs such as CH340 are often used on other (off-brand) Arduino boards. Not all boards on Arduino have this component;
  • Crystal oscillator. Its key role is to generate a high-precision electrical signal or frequency for the processor. 8-MHz crystals, often 16-MHz, and a small range of higher frequencies of up to 84-MHz are used on most Arduino boards in starter kits;
  • Regulator of power supply. There are two degrees of voltage on every Arduino board: input voltage and running voltage. The voltage supplied to the processor is the operating voltage. Naturally, this voltage operates for the input and output pins attached to the CPU. The supply voltage though is the voltage supplied to the Arduino and is often greater than the working voltage. Regulators decrease and regulate this voltage and then pass it to the processor and other Arduino parts;
  • Jack adapter. The board is supplied with the Arduino input voltage via the Vin-pin or jack adapter. Arduino boards do not all have a jack connector. The Jack adapter is attached to the regulator and will normally obtain an input of 7 to 12 volts. The operating voltage is 3.3V in some Arduino versions, where a 1-cell Li-ion battery can be used to provide electricity. The JST connector is used on these boards instead of a jack adapter;
  • USB port. For Arduino owners, the USB port on the board is nice news. This ensures you can conveniently program your Arduino by attaching it to the device with a USB cable. This is not available on all Arduino boards. If the USB to serial converter IC is not included on your board and the processor does not accept USB, then the USB connectivity is not available. In terms of USB ports, Arduino has not been consistent, using multiple USB bundles on numerous boards. USB form B must be applied by Arduino UNO and Mega users, while microUSB must be used by LEONARDO, DUE, Nano, and LILYPAD fans. NANO and FIO users require mini USB, while USB form A is implemented in a vertical right-angle by the YUN frame;

It is beneficial if an Arduino starter kit has jumper cables, a breadboard, LEDs, resistors and sensors.

Number of components

If the starter kit has a range of parts, such as motherboards, generators, controllers, LEDs, you can use them easily at any time. Also, when some of the suppliers produce the starter kits with low quality materials that damage quite easily search for the quality of materials.

The greatest distinction between the kits is the amount of parts. Also, the consistency of the modules is important – whether they come with an initial Arduino or a replica board, and whether or not they come with instructions. Moreover, some kits come with more pricey sensors and screens.

Other things to consider when buying an Arduino starter kit:

Arduino starter kits come packed with hardware and details. However, in one form or another, all starter kits vary. It is also important that you know how to choose the right package, since the hardware you are using and the lessons you are performing can significantly influence your learning success.

The first item you could remember is the hardware of the centerpiece that your starter kit has. 

The included tutorials should be based on from the centerpiece hardware. Many kits typically use an Arduino UNO R3 module, which is the Arduino platform’s flagship board. Several kits use the Arduino UNO R3 board for other variations. In that scenario, you can verify that the microcontroller board in issue is completely compliant with the UNO R3.

Video Tutorial: Arduino Starter Kit – All Projects

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now it’s simpler for you or your tech-savvy kid to choose the right Arduino starter kit. If you have further concerns regarding the Arduino board or you would like to share some of your Arduino coding stories, feel free to comment below.

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