Iso-Tip 7700 Cordless Soldering Iron Review

Iso-Tip 7700 Cordless Soldering Iron Review

For quite some time, about twenty years ago, this iron has been around. The business behind it evolved over that period, but the design and development standards stayed unchanged. 

iso-tip 7700

  • Cordless soldering
  • Up to 125 solder joints
  • Input 120VAC, 5 Watts

With this legacy in mind, the Iso-Tip 7700 soldering iron kit was made. Since it’s durable, wear-resistant and has a quick battery charge, the package can easily become your basic device.

This system, complete with a charging base, provides a convenient cordless service. An independent ceramic tip prevents the component disruption from electrical leakage and illuminates the work area with an illuminated tip. Twenty included tips are required to fit all soldering specifications.

Besides the Is-Tip 7700 soldering iron, the kit includes: 

  • The Ni-Cd battery;
  • The charging base station;
  • 3 different tip styles – 7566, 7546, 7545;
  • The manual with instructions;
  • Titan smart torch;
  • Flux gel;
  • Lead-free solder;
  • Silver bearing solder paste;
  • The cleaning pad for the tip;

Major features of the Iso-Tip 7700 cordless soldering iron: 

  • Lightweight – less than 1 pound;
  • Full recharge in 4 hours;
  • Partially charged battery may work at full capacity within 3 hours straight;
  • Quickly heats up (in less than 8 seconds);
  • Includes the very bright light for illumination;
  • Uses a 1300 mAh battery (2.4 Volts);
  • Comfortable to hold at any angle;
  • Highly efficient tips of different styles;


This package will be an ideal complement to your fixed soldering station or as your key soldering kit for the typical daily DIYer, builder, craftsman.

A few examples of how you may use the Iso-Tip 7700 cordless soldering iron: 

  • Quick field repairs;
  • Good for soldering audio connections
  • Great tool for small jobs;

It is really nice not to have to bother with an extension cord to be able to do fast and precise soldering, desoldering, touch-up, or patching.

For running on the wiring brace, this cordless soldering iron is fine. It allows for a corded soldering pencil to get into positions that would be difficult. 

Possible issues and limitations

The two main shortcomings with this package were that it typically took 15 – 20 minutes for the gas-powered iron to cool down enough to be placed back in the case. The other weakness was that it is notoriously difficult for gas-powered iron to maintain the tip temperature.

Recommendations for users: 

  • Hold it like a pen when soldering small objects;
  • Consider charging it before every use. Just leave the dock plugged;
  • Be careful when adjusting the temperature setting. It may require some practice;

Pros and Cons of Iso-Tip 7700 Cordless Soldering Iron


  • Secure packaging;
  • Many accessories and attachments are included;
  • Nice quality build;
  • Heats up under 8 seconds;
  • Portable and small;
  • Good for light and medium jobs;
  • The light near the tip;
  • Easy to hold in one hand;
  • Powerful battery;
  • Extended warranty;
  • Fair price;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Completely recharges in 3 to 4 hours;
  • Nickel cadmium batteries.


  • Lacks a solder removal tool;
  • Cools downs for a long time;
  • The attachment of the included tips is unreliable;
  • The power switch rotates freely (may turn on/off accidentally);
  • No visual indication of the fully charged battery;
  • ONLY for soldering teeny tiny electronic circuit.

This iron from Iso-Tip is convenient. It’s good to be able to charge it and then lock it away in your tool chest and forget about it until necessary. The heating time and battery life are impressive, considering its size. 

The Buyer’s Guide

Things to consider when buying a new cordless soldering iron: 

Source of power

The cordless soldering irons use two sources of power:

  • Butane. Butane is one of the most economical sources of fuel and also one of the most common forms of fuel for DIY enthusiasts who are experienced heavy hitters. But only persons with previous expertise in the handling of butane devices are recommended to obtain a butane powered iron since the extreme heat and sparks that shoot out will not be able to accommodate non-experienced workers. These devices still require regular refueling;
  • Batteries. Battery power is one of the most prevalent forms of cordless soldering devices. Again, you have to make two decisions here. Many of the devices that operate on discarded AA batteries run on Cordless Soldering Iron. Although a single collection of batteries might provide you with around 1 or 2 hours of guaranteed results, you will also be provided greater service by a few brands. Although these are inexpensive, they may also be a tad bit irritating. A rechargeable battery collection is another option that we have. This would require an electrical socket for you and lithium-ion would be the batteries. Before you need to refuel again, they will give you minimal power for a bit. Despite the growing cost for such devices, in the longer term, these may stick in your toolbox. A few do come with a measure of power level as well;

Run time

The second most significant factor that you’d think is the iron’s overall run period. The majority of current cordless soldering irons have a run period of about 40 minutes or so.


Cordless soldering irons often come with a few attachments. The LED attention light is one of the most prevalent gadgets they come with. When you are welding in dim rooms or at night, this lighting will help give you a bright view.


At a temperature of just under 750F, the solder melts. The iron you use can have a working temperature that is cooler than this. This will offer you a realistic period for high conductivity to build affecting and long-lasting joints. Try selecting a cordless soldering iron that has a temperature control switch centered on a dial or some shape. This will help you lift or lower the temperature.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomics of carrying the system is another significant factor that you might want to remember. The machines which handles have a good grip are far simpler to deal with than those that are stick-like with a rigid handle. A silicone handle is stronger than a stick-like handle and it is favored.


Why did this cordless soldering iron stop working?

If no heat is generated by the soldering iron, it is usually due to a split in the electrical circuit, resulting from either a defective link in the iron or a malfunction of the heating device.

Do you need a special solder for electronics when using this Iso-Tip device?

For soldering electronics, lead-free rosin core solder is the most widely used form. You may still use 60/40 lead (60 percent tin, 40 percent lead) rosin core solder, but due to health issues, it is becoming less common. Make sure that you have good ventilation and that you clean your hands after usage if you use lead solder.

What to do if the Iso-Tip 7700 soldering iron doesn’t hold the battery charge?

After a certain number of applications, any soldering irons may require maintenance and repair. Certain parts may start to malfunction. If your iron doesn’t carry a charge anymore, but all the other stuff is still running well, you’ll probably need a new battery/charger.

What type of solder wire should you pick?

When dealing with the 7700 soldering iron, the maker suggests using 14 to 16 gauge wire.

Video Review: ISO-TIP 7700 cordless soldering iron review and torture test.

Final thoughts 

Iso-Tip has taken the time to bring together a package that should be in the tool collection of any DIY enthusiast. In their portable soldering solution, it is not only efficient but lightweight and built and features almost everything one might like.

The great build quality, fast heat up, battery capacity, usability, and the fact that it is manufactured in the USA are the key advantages of the Iso-Tip 7700 soldering iron. If you’re searching for a cordless soldering iron, this one should certainly be considered.

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  1. The Iso-Tip 7700 Cordless Soldering Iron is the perfect tool for anyone looking to solder. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you on the go, and its efficient use of power will save you time in charging. Its design allows for both hands-free use or placement on a surface, making this soldering iron exceptionally versatile. You’ll be impressed by how quickly it heats up (in less than 8 seconds) and how brightly lit it is with its built-in light! With an included 1300 mAh battery (2.4 Volts), this cordless soldering iron provides more than enough charge to last throughout your project without interruption – even if you forget to recharge after three hours!

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