Weller 9400PKS Review
Weller 9400PKS Review
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The soldering iron is one of the main tools used by electronics technicians in their work. In the process of repairing electronic circuits, the actual soldering takes relatively short periods.

Weller 9400PKS 120V Dual Heat 140/100W Universal Soldering GunFeatures of Weller 9400PKS:

  • Power: 140W/100W
  • Voltage input: 120V
  • Temperature: up to 900F

In this case, the soldering iron remains on and for a long time, it radiates heat uselessly. In such cases, it can be very convenient to use a simple pulse soldering iron that saves energy.

The pulse soldering iron has some differences from traditional devices used for soldering:

  • work in pulse mode, only when the button is pressed;
  • rapid warming up to operating temperature, the time of which does not exceed a few seconds;

The tip of a pulse soldering iron is a conductor heated by a current flowing through it.

A conventional electric soldering iron is a device with significant inertia. Its tip is made from a copper bar. Heating is carried out by a contact method, using heat transfer from a nichrome spiral heated by an electric current.

The heating of such a device can last for several minutes, which naturally causes inconvenience. For this reason, these soldering irons are not turned off.

Pulse soldering irons are made in the form of pistols with a power button located in the area of ​​the handle. At the end of the “barrel”, there is a copper wire loop that plays the role of a pulse soldering iron tip.

For the convenience of soldering, a backlight is usually located near the tip, which turns on when the power button is pressed. The role of the backlight in the old models of pulse soldering irons was played by a low-voltage incandescent light bulb, in modern models, LEDs are used.

Weller 9400PKS User Manual

Having problem? Download Weller 9400PKS 120V Dual Heat 140/100W Universal Soldering Gun instructions.

Weller 9400PKS

A pulse soldering iron with a 100-140 W transformer is designed for mounting or dismantling elements and assemblies of electronic and electrical products. Has a high speed of heating the tip (just a few seconds – and the soldering iron is ready to work). A steel wire tip is used as a heating element. The current is passed through the tip only during soldering, so the pulse soldering iron consumes very little electricity. The tip is attached with a screw. The soldering iron is equipped with a LED to illuminate the soldering point, the body is made of heat-resistant impact-resistant plastic.

The pulse soldering iron is used for mounting and dismounting components and assemblies of electronic and electrical equipment. The working body is made of copper wire in the form of an elongated curved loop. It is convenient to solder radio components, wire connections with a sting, and it can also be used to tin small areas on radio circuit boards. A comfortable handle and a sufficiently large tip extension allow working in hard-to-reach soldering spots. Due to the rapid set by the heating element of the melting point of the solder with a pulse soldering iron, large amounts of work are performed in a short time. This quality of the device is used when wiring connectors for laying electrical networks, installing light fixtures inside buildings and structures.

Pros & Cons of Weller 9400PKS


  • High-quality impact-resistant plastic does not deform under the influence of temperatures during operation;
  • Ultra-fast heating of the soldering iron tip, less than 10 seconds;
  • Equipped with LED backlighting for additional lighting;
  • The soldering iron nozzles are quickly removed and just as quickly installed using threaded connections;
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle provides comfortable work;
  • The power button on the case allows you to significantly save energy;
  • Weller 7-year warranty;
  • The two trigger positions control power;
  • The design of the pistol is equipped with pull-out protection.
  • Innovative housing designed with superior ergonomics
  • Speedy 6 second heat-up time
  • Comes with an assortment of high quality, genuine Weller tips
  • Shadow-free LED lighting


  • A cord too stiff
  • The device is quite heavy;
  • Some craftsmen complain about the round profile of the tip and the inconvenience of soldering, but all soldering irons with a step-down transformer have such disadvantages.

The quick-heating soldering iron of increased power 140-100 W is required when high-speed high-temperature point exposure is required.

The device is quite heavy due to the built-in transformer, but on the other hand, the soldering time, or rather waiting for the tip to warm up, is minimal. Since, after pressing the button, powerful heaters bring the tip to the melting temperature of the solder to quickly dismantle the faulty radio component, solder the wiring to the terminal or connector.

There are many varieties of soldering tools for carrying out different types of soldering work. They can differ in power, heating rate, the principle of operation, and so on. A type of soldering iron, based on a transformer circuit, operating in a short-term mode after pressing a button, is in demand when you need a quick set of power.

The sting heats up due to the transmission of voltage through the heating elements. This type has a high level of efficiency. This indicator is achieved because the tool works only during soldering, unlike network counterparts. The power is 100-140 W.
Besides, intermittent rather than permanent operation has some other advantages:

  • The service life is extended.
  • Carbon deposits on the sting are reduced.
  • Saves time, which is especially important for professional use. for example, when repairing household radio equipment and appliances, when every minute brings money and this model of a soldering iron contributes to this.

The shape is made in the form of a pistol for a comfortable hold. To get started, you must press the button on the handle. After that, the tip will begin to warm up and you can begin soldering or disassembly procedures.

Buyer`s Guide

For those who are going to buy an impulse soldering iron for the first time, you should know that this type of equipment is not intended for high-precision or dimensional work. The target audience is people who decided to independently carry out minor repairs of decorative elements or equipment at home, without the involvement of specialists. When choosing, you should pay attention to:

  • design. It is very important to choose a comfortable handle because this will affect the quality of work and the comfort of the performer.
  • working voltage. The larger it is, the faster the soldering iron will reach the operating mode, but at the same time, the service life decreases.
  • availability of a guarantee. The device has a fairly simple mechanism, but the presence of a guarantee will give you confidence in the period of use.

You should know that buying an electric soldering iron will be an excellent solution, especially if you are undergoing repairs, but it will certainly come in handy in everyday life. In terms of operation, it is very simple, and you do not need to undergo special training – just read the instructions.

Video Guide: How To Use Weller 9400PKS


Among the large selection of soldering equipment, a pulse soldering iron deserves special attention. A hand-held power tool has one indisputable advantage – it is a quick readiness of the soldering tip.

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m an author of the blog. My hobby is electronic circuits and soldering irons.

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