Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips

5 Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips

Wall Lenk L25PT
Wall Lenk L25PT Pointed Tips For 25W L25 Soldering Iron
Nickel plated copper
Pack of 2
Wall Lenk L40PT
Wall Lenk L40PT Pointed Tip For 40W L40 Soldering Iron
Nickel plated copper
Made in USA
Wall Lenk LG400TE
Wall Lenk LG400TE
Nickel plated copper
Made in USA
Wall Lenk L25CT
Wall Lenk L25CT Chisel Tips for 25W L25 Soldering Iron (Pack of 2)
Nickel plated copper
Pack of 2
Wall Lenk L25KBT
Wall Lenk L25KBT Knife Blade Tip for 25W L25 Soldering Iron
For cutting foam and plastic
Made in USA

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips

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Wall Lenk is a Pittsburgh-based company that produces soldering irons and replacement tips. Soldering irons with tips are used for the process of joining materials together with solder by melting metallic solder between them and then applying heat to make it melt into the joint, which also makes it quicker than using other methods. Wall Lenk offers a variety of styles and prices so you can find one that best fits your needs. 

Reasons to invest in Wall Lenk soldering iron tips:

Wall Lenk soldering irons are a well-made, affordable option for beginners and professionals alike. The prices range from $14-$179 depending on the model you choose.

These models have an adjustable temperature control with settings up to 1000F at 50-watt power. This is more than enough heat output for any project or need. They can be used in all sorts of situations because they don’t require cords that could get tangled during use.

These units also come with a wire brush accessory so users can clean their tips after every task. This will extend their life and allow them to work better over time due to less friction between the tip and what it’s heating/soldering together (less wear and tear).

Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips are made from a durable material that ensures they last for years to come. They can be used on anything you need to solder. The tips are also replaceable which adds even more value and longevity to the product in case there is an accident or wear-and-tear due to everyday use. This allows users of all experience levels, as well as professionals who want multiple units at their disposal, options when choosing what’s best for them.

If you are looking for a great soldering iron tip that will last, then the Wall Lenk is one of the best options on the market. These products feature many different settings and heat quickly so that you can start using them in no time. This article provides all of the information you need to make an informed decision about which one to buy!

Wall Lenk L25PT Pointed Tips for 25W L25 Soldering Iron – the Editor’s choice!

When your L25 (Wall Lenk Soldering Gun Kit 90 Watt 3 Pack) wears out from all its hard work, you can easily replace the tip with this nickel-plated copper replacement. The pack comes with 2 tips because one could always break at some point in life… just got to plan!

They included a spare tip to make sure your soldering gun is up and running for tackling any task you want it to do. You’ll be pleased knowing these will fit into the Wall Lenk 2025 (Soldering Iron). These tips come 5/32-inch pointed and are 45mm long – enough length for all sorts of tips on Wall Lenk soldering guns that need them!


  • Good for Wall Lenk 25-Watt soldering irons;
  • 2 replacement tips;
  • Nickel-plated;
  • Easy to replace;


  • Thicker than standard 5/32 tips;

With these Wall Lenk L25PT Pointed Tip packs, you get all the best tips in town. These nickel-plated copper parts will keep your wire soldering iron tip nice and shiny making it a perfect replacement when needed.

Wall Lenk L40PT Pointed Tip For 40W L40 – the best for large soldering irons!

Versatile and functional, Wall Lenk L40PT Pointed Tip For 40W L40 Soldering Iron will bring a steady flow of well-heated solder to anything you happen to be working with. This great accessory is nickel-plated in copper for maximum conductivity and heat retention, so it stays sharp no matter how much time you spend on the job.

Built with precision in the USA, this piece can last years through demanding applications. Quickly attach it to your Wall Lenk L40 iron (sold separately) or buy a whole set (L75 and 50-watt tip sold separately). You’ll never regret adding this tip!


  • Large;
  • Conducts heat well;
  • Default L40 soldering iron tips;
  • Nickel-plated copper;
  • Easy to use;


  • Not durable;
  • Too large for some 1/4-inch soldering irons;

If you require a pointed tip for your Wall Lenk L40PT soldering iron, don’t miss out on this one! Made from nickel-plated copper to keep away rust, you’ll find it’s useful and a great purchase.

Wall Lenk LG400TE 1/4″ Pyramid Tip for LG400C Soldering Gun – the best for easy assembly!

If your rig is on the fritz and you need a quick fix, this replacement tip/element for Wall Lenk Trig-R-Heat’s soldering gun has your back.

This nickel-plated copper 400/150-watt tips and heating element will allow you to make contact like never before.


  • Easy to replace;
  • Great heating element;
  • Compatible with Wall Lenk Trig-R-Heat devices;


  • Not durable;

With the Wall Lenk LG400TE 1/4″ Pyramid Tip for LG400C Soldering Gun, you can easily replace your old heating element and tip. You will be able to fix your soldering gun with just a few minutes of work!

Wall Lenk L25CT Chisel Tips for 25W L25 – the best for the price!

The Wall Lenk L25CT Chisel Tips are sure to make your soldering job easier! These nickel-plated copper tips come in packs of 2 and will fit right onto your 25W Wall Lenk L25 soldering iron.

They’ll save you from having to replace the whole tip, or getting a hot, really sharp chisel blade that can be dangerous for delicate work! Save some time and effort with these two packs of chisels by simply swapping out the old for new.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Nickel-plated copper;
  • 2 replacement chisel tips;


  • Not for standard soldering irons;

Improve your soldering with these chisel tips. The high-quality nickel-plated copper construction will ensure you get the job done right while coming in a pack of two for double the help.

Wall Lenk L25KBT Knife Blade Tip for 25W L25 Soldering Iron – the best for cutting projects!

So, you’ve got your 25-W L25 soldering iron, and it’s great for a lot of things. But sometimes you just need to get that knife blade tip in some precision cutting tasks. That’s why the company included this Wall Lenk Knife Blade Tip with every L23WB, L25, L25WB, or L30WB wood burners or soldering irons.

Whether it’s cutting the perfect angle on a heel lift deck board before installation, getting right cuts every time for dimensional shingle work and other roofing needs—or even reaching into tight spaces like around closets and cabinets when you’re installing new shelving–this knife blade tip is here to help you out.


  • Good for cutting plastic and foam;
  • US-made;
  • Compatible with most Wall Lenk soldering irons and wood burners;
  • Good to reach the tight places;


  • Not for fine electronics;

This knife blade tip can be used for cutting plastics and foam. It is ideal for wood-burning stations and soldering Irons, which will create a variety of successful projects for you.

The Buyer’s Guide

Are Wall Lenk Soldering Irons Good?

Wall Lenk Soldering Irons are essential tools for electronics and electrical work. They provide the power to melt the solder that’s used in circuit board assembly and repairs, as well as many other purposes. 

Wall Lenk soldering irons are high-quality devices that use induction to heat up quickly and gently. These great tools offer a wide range of benefits, including thermal stability, power capacity, convenience, safety and ease of use.

There are a number of different qualities when it comes to soldering irons – some better than others. You could even say some Wall Lenk soldering iron tips offer more benefits than others – especially if you have specific needs or requirements in your line of work or hobbyist project!

They are consistently rated as some of the best soldering irons on Amazon and other sites. In addition, they have a high customer rating of 92%.

The best materials for soldering iron tips

Soldering tips can be made from various materials such as copper, iron, steel or brass

Tin-lead solder is generally applied to one end of the tip to provide a thermal conductor and make it easy for heat to flow into the joint being soldered. The choice of material depends on what type of work you are doing and your preference. 

Copper is favored because it has excellent conductivity qualities that don’t oxidize easily when heated which means they keep their shape better than other metals so they will last longer before needing replacement. 

Iron tips also have good heat conduction but oxidation may result in frequent replacements due to changes in diameter with use over time. Steel offers less potential for them getting out of shape while brass does not oxidize.

How to Use a Wall Lenk Soldering Iron?

Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips are used to solder electronic components, wires and other items together. They come in a variety of shapes with different sizes depending on the task at hand. However, most soldering irons share similar usability features like a power switch that will turn it off when desired or an adjustable temperature control knob for increasing and decreasing heat output. Make sure you familiarize yourself with how these parts work before using your Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tip for any project or else there may be some frustration involved later on!

The first thing needed is electricity so make sure everything is plugged into the nearest outlet before starting up your soldering iron! Next, set the voltage level by finding where this option can be found on the power switch. It might be on the side or bottom of your soldering iron depending on what it looks like, but shouldn’t take too long to find in any case!

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips for any project: 

  • safety is always important so make sure you’re not standing on wet surfaces or over an open flame while soldering;
  • long hair should be tied up securely with a rubber band or scarf;
  • stay away from all pets within the vicinity of your work area (including cats) as well as other people who could accidentally get hurt by anything that might fly through the air without warning like small pieces of metal if they had been heated too much;

Don’t forget about how hot these can get during use though – it’s recommended to purchase some form of protection such as gloves, glasses/goggles and maybe even  a mask depending on what you’re working with!

Finally, it’s recommended to clean your Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips after every use by wiping them down and then placing a cover over the tip. This will prevent any oxidation or damage from occurring that could affect performance in the future as well as make for an easier cleanup process next time around so there isn’t anything left behind when using this type of project tool again – just remember to keep these things somewhere safe like above the stove where young children can’t reach!


How do you protect the tip of a soldering iron?

The tip of a soldering iron is usually made from a type of metal called “titanium”. This material is very resistant to heat, so you can’t prevent wear and tear by keeping the tip cool – you need to protect it with something else. You should consider using some kind of protective sleeve for your tip; this will ensure that your tool lasts as long as possible.

A good option might be an anti-static clothing surface cover or pad (scotch tape also works). Another idea would be to use solder paste flux that has higher thermal stability than rosin-core solder pastes but does not contain lead or other hazardous materials like tungsten inclusions found in traditional high melting point metal.

You should also avoid touching the tip of your soldering iron with clean hands–this will leave oils on it and make things worse! You can use a damp cloth to wipe off any residue from previous jobs before you start work with a new solder, or wear gloves when handling electronics if possible. 

Safety comes first! The last thing you want is an accident that leaves you without one of these essential tools for electronics work.

Can I use a nail as a soldering iron tip?

No, you cannot use a nail as a soldering iron tip. A nail would not be hot enough to heat the solder evenly and cause scorching of the surface where the metal is being joined together. This will make it very difficult for someone inexperienced with using this type of tool to complete any work on their project or repair job without causing some damage in the process. 

Are all soldering iron tips the same size?

No. You’ll need to match the size of your soldering tip with the wattage and type of application you plan on using it for. For example, a larger tip will be better suited for electronics work while small tips can be used in tight spaces like jewelry making or model building. Some people also prefer chisel-tips because their rounded shape disperses heat more evenly across surfaces than pointed tips do. 

Other things that affect what solder iron is best are:

  • material (copper vs stainless steel);
  • flux core wire compatibility;
  • how well it heats up quickly;
  • ergonomic design features such as insulated handles;

It’s always good to invest in a few different tips to better suit your needs.

How do you choose a soldering tip size?

The soldering tip size is usually a number followed by R or M. The bigger the number, the larger the contact area and thus higher heat capacity of your iron’s metal for working on large surfaces; but it will also take longer to reach operating temperature. If you’re new to electronics work, experts recommend using something around 14mm in diameter because it still gets hot enough quickly while being small enough to solder with precision.

When choosing what material your soldering pen should be made out of – copper has excellent thermal conductivity properties as well as low cost, but stainless steel works better at high temperatures and can withstand repeated use without corroding as nickel-plated tips do. Brass doesn’t conduct heat very well and is used primarily for its aesthetic value.

What can be used as a soldering tip?

If you do not have any Wall Lenk Soldering Iron Tips, but still want to solder something together, there are some alternatives to try

  • Wire connectors. These are a good option if the wire sections just need to be electrically connected and will not require soldering heat at high temperatures. They only cost about $0.25 for a pack of 100 connectors;
  • Threaded fittings. If all you need is an airtight seal on two metal pipes or electrical wires then threaded fittings could work well for your project;
  • Flux pencils with flux paste dispenser. This might be worth considering if the object being soldered does not get heated up enough by the iron to melt solder, but needs a little bit of flux and heat;
  • Electrical tape. If you are just trying to make electrical connections then this is an option that can work well; it may not be the best looking solution though;
  • Plumber’s putty. For plumbing pipes or anything else that could use some taping together then the plumber’s putty might help. It comes in different colors so you know which one has been used, and it will hold up at higher temperatures than regular tape does;
  • Silicone caulk. It can come in handy when sealing around wires or cables where other sealants have failed before;

How do you make a soldering iron tip at home?

The easiest way to make a good tip is using an old file or sharpening stone and grinding it into shape. Be sure not to grind too much though, just enough so that the metal begins coming off in small chips on top of one another – this will allow for better heat transfer when you solder!

A more advanced method would be to use brazing wire that can also create some beautiful results with different colors of metal used as well. Just remember: if you want your tip to last longer than a few hours, go ahead and tin it first before attempting to braze welding. This means coating both sides of the surface area with flux so that there’s less oxidation.

How do I know if my soldering iron is hot enough?

This is the key question and it’s really important that you have your soldering iron set at a good temperature. If it’s too hot, then there is a risk of burning whatever material you’re working with or damaging the metal tips on your soldering tool. The best rule of thumb for finding out if your solder iron is hot enough to start making connections in a circuit board (or heat any other materials) would be around 700-750F.

Video Tutorial: Repair Soldering Iron

Final thoughts 

Wall Lenk has been manufacturing soldering irons and replacement tips for a few decades. They’ve made their mark on the industry by focusing solely on high-quality solder tools that are affordable, durable, and easy to use in a wide variety of scenarios. Soldering irons with tips allow you to join materials quickly without having to worry about extra chemicals or other time-consuming processes.

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