American Beauty Soldering Irons

5 American Beauty Soldering Irons

American Beauty 3178-300
American Beauty 3178-300
300 Watt
14-3/8" Length
7/8" Chisel Tip
American Beauty 3158-200
American Beauty 3158-200
200 Watt
14" Length
5/8" Diamond Tip
American Beauty 3198-550
American Beauty 3198-550 Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
550 Watt
15" Length
9/8" Chisel Tip
American Beauty 3138-100
American Beauty 3138-100 Pencil-Style Soldering Iron
100 Watt
13" Length
3/8" Diamond Tip
American Beauty 3125-60
American Beauty 3125-60 Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
60 Watt
12-1/4" Length
1/4" Diamond Tip

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated American Beauty Soldering Irons

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The heavy-duty soldering irons by American Beauty have been perfect for broad soldering jobs and assembly line conditions for a few decades in a row. Soldering iron with inadequate heat to pass into the joint is the most popular explanation for solder joints. To fix just about every broken piece out there, they provide a wide variety of sizes and wattages.

However, these devices are not budget-friendly if you’re only searching for a cheap import iron. But if you’re looking for a tool that will provide a great performance level, you should definitely try one of American Beauty soldering irons.

Benefits of using American Beauty soldering irons:

  • Some of the toughest soldering irons;
  • Suitable for North American Cordsets (110-120 VAC);
  • Different lineups for heavy-duty jobs and small tasks;
  • Various sizes;
  • All tools come with protective cases;
  • Accurate;
  • Quick heating;
  • Good insulating properties;

If you don’t know what device to pick, check the following reviews of 5 American Beauty soldering irons. The comparison table shows the key differences among different tools by this brand. Also, check the buying guide to make a final decision. 

American Beauty 3178-300 Iron– the best for durability!

American Beauty 3178-300This is the brand’s most famous electric welding iron. The American Beauty 300-Watt Iron is an industrial product specifically built for sheet metal applications. Provides a maximum tip temperature of 1,000F to ensure an even flow, and requires a pre-tinted chisel tip that sits within the heating element.

Designed with a hardwood handle and a heat-protecting shield, this iron removes propane, acetylene and natural gas and keeps it hot without flames open.


  • Great temperature range;
  • Ni-chrome heating alloy;
  • Powerful heating element;
  • Recommended for heavy-duty uses;
  • Includes 45D diamond style tip;
  • RoHS compliant;
  • Hardwood handle;
  • Durable;


  • A few features compared to similar irons;
  • Not good for small projects and delicate pieces;

The 300-watt iron is easier and lighter on the wrist than any 550-watt soldering iron, particularly when it comes to general soldering jobs and vertical joints. It’s got enough power and heat to do any soldering projects.

American Beauty 3158-200 Iron – the best for design!

The American Beauty 3158-200 could be your best bet for a decision that comes with a regular diamond-based soldering blade. Its modular architecture allows for quick replacement of the consumable bits, enabling the iron itself to last incredibly long.

Overall, this device can be a fantastic option if you’re able to venture past the entry-level soldering-iron.


  • Chrome-plated and wire-wrapped heating element;
  • A standard diamond lead-free tip is included;
  • Plug-style design;
  • Easy cleanup;
  • Premium heat transfer;
  • Has a protective steel casing;


  • A bit heavy – over 2 pounds;

It starts with a protective steel casing that has been constructed from a single steel block. The tip has a design in the plug style that allows easier cleaning and enhanced heat transfer. The lead-free, iron-clad tips outlast and consistently outperform other welding tips. For both production-line conditions and heavier soldering work, these heavy-duty soldering irons are ideal.

American Beauty 3198-550 Iron– the best for wattage!

American Beauty 3198-550 Heavy-Duty Soldering IronIt is an industrial-duty iron specifically built for sheet metal applications and has a maximum tip temperature of 1010F to ensure controlled soldering flow.

Featuring a pre-tinted tip that reclines inside the heating element, composed of a compression-resistant wire around a metal spool, this device is designed for optimum heat transfer. Also, it has a robust stainless steel case.


  • Comes with a standard chisel tip;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Powerful wattage;
  • Lightweight;
  • Has a stainless steel case;


  • Short;

Fitted with a solid wood handle for a safe grip and a sturdy heat shield for protection, the American Beauty 3198 550 Iron reduces the need for propane or gas and remains hot without the open flame.

American Beauty 3138-100 Pencil-Style Iron – the best for small tasks!

American Beauty 3138-100 Pencil-Style Soldering IronThis iron fits great for heavy-duty stained glass projects and small works. The American Beauty 3138 device is also suitable for general manufacturing, naval, aircraft, highway, sheet metal and repair jobs.

The wooden handle has excellent thermal and electrical insulating properties.


  • Reliable heating element;
  • Lead-free copper-based tip;
  • Modular design;
  • Durable;
  • RoHS compliant;
  • Portable and lightweight;


  • Won’t cope with heavy-duty jobs;

Despite its size, this iron is quite powerful and durable if you require a reliable device for occasional soldering jobs. Make sure to buy a few pencil-type iron tips before using this American Beauty iron.

American Beauty 3125-60 Iron– the best for portability!

American Beauty 3125-60 Heavy-Duty Soldering IronThis device can be recommended for light and heavy-duty electronic jobs, sheet metal work, etc. The 3125 iron is designed with a ni-chrome compression heater. It has been known for the most efficient heating factor for the management of soldering temperatures in the manufacturing environments.

Each tip begins with a pure copper core, then goes a plated iron core.


  • Lead-free;
  • Includes a stand;
  • Comes with standard AM diamond tips;


  • Compatible only with a standard wall plug (110 VAC);
  • Not suitable for small projects;
  • Too short;

These are the finest devices produced, they can be passed down from generation to generation since they are produced so well in the United States.

The Buyer’s Guide

Major types of American Beauty soldering irons: 

In general, the heavy-duty soldering irons are made with outputs of 60 to 550 watts, while the pencil-style devices are usually developed with outputs of 20 to 60 watts. In the early 1890s, the heavy-duty model of electric soldering iron (constant heat) has achieved steady recognition over the years as a more effective device for heavy-duty and commercial soldering applications.

The pencil type design (constant heat) of an electrical soldering iron was built in the middle of the 1930s. At this time, there was a growing need for the production of soldering tools that could be applied for smaller and more specialized applications. These devices are typically referred to as “pencil type” design because of their size.

Both types of American Beauty soldering devices are offered in many different sizes and with various tips for a number of applications. This allows you an improved capacity to pair those tips and irons together to satisfy the unique criteria of a variety of different soldering uses.

Uses and applications:

  • Stained glass projects;
  • Daily soldering tasks;
  • Hobbyist projects;
  • Fine soldering like guitar repair or computer electronics;
  • Repair of household appliances;
  • Melting thermoplastic layers onto fastener heads;


There is a wide range of soldering iron sizes available. Obviously, there are smaller devices that will be more appropriate to fine soldering, and the larger tools will be more appropriate to less delicate soldering jobs. The physical size would therefore operate parallel to the wattage or electricity usage of the iron.


The strength or wattage use of a soldering iron is always quoted. The wattage could be different. In the case of simple non-temperature operated irons, a wattage of 40 watts might be good for general usage and higher if intense soldering is envisaged. A decent value for a tiny PCB function is 15 or 25 watts.

In the case of temperature-regulated irons, marginally higher wattages are normal when temperature regulation works more efficiently if more heat can be guided to the bit more efficiently to compensate for heat removal through the working piece.


While most soldering irons in a given country would have the right mains voltage, for example, 115 V AC for the USA, there are also soldering irons that will operate from 12V. Any irons can be used for specific applications where they need to operate from low voltages.

Temperature control

Soldering irons come with various temperature control options. The less costly irons are managed by the assumption that when the temperature increases, the heat loss is the same as the heat produced. In other terms, they do not employ some sort of electronic control. Other, more expensive forms have thermostatic power. This naturally controls the temperature even better.

The temperature may be changed to the appropriate amount. These irons have a peculiar feature because when the heat is drawn away by a massive object being soldered, they will keep their temperature stable on a much better level. Those without regulation may not be able to sustain their temperature reasonably when welding a large object, with the consequence that it is more challenging to melt the solder under these conditions.

Stand and case

The stand is required when you need a soldering iron for a few hours. With the devices reaching temperatures of around 900F, it is necessary to ensure that they are well-protected. It is crucial to have a sturdy stand. Also, most American Beauty soldering irons come with protective cases made of durable steel alloys. 


The spare parts should be received along with a soldering iron. These tips are mostly used to prolong the service of a soldering iron, and although the rest of the iron may operate for many years, it will be important to change the tips at frequent intervals. In addition, it is worth checking out expensive irons, like the devices with a temperature control option. Usually, they come with a number of replacement tips and accessories.

Final thoughts 

American Beauty soldering irons offer a wide range of applications. All their products are manufactured to the high-quality specifications trusted by consumers for more than a century, whether they are a handy, lightweight 20-Watt pencil iron or a powerful 550-Watt heavy-duty iron.

Video Tutorial: Setting Up Your American Beauty Industrial Grade Solder Station

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