Best ESR Meters

5 Best ESR Meters

Longruner 1.8 inch
Multi-function Tester, Longruner 1.8 inch Colorful Display
Capacitance: 25pF-100mF
Resistor: 0.01-50MΩ
Power Voltage: 3.7V
BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor
Capacitor: 25pF - 100mF
Resistor: 0 - 50MΩ
Inductor: 0.01mH - 20H
MESR-100 circuit tester
Accuracy:Up to 1%
High Performance
Powerful test function
Resistance Capacitor Tester, KKmoon M6013
Accuracy:Up to 1%
Clamping Voltage:~1.25V
Digital Capacitance Meter Professional Capacitor Tester 0.1pF
Manual Range
Power supply: 6F22 9V
Relative humidity: ≤85 ℃

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated ESR Meters

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Are you looking for the right meter for ESR testing? This guide will help you pick the best models on the market that are accessible?

First of all, what is an ESR meter? An ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) meter is a system that is used in actual capacitor circuits to calculate equivalent series resistance. It’s distinct from the other meters or multimeters present on the market.

It is precisely configured to calculate the ESR values of the board-connected capacitors. For the regulation of non-inductive and low-value resistances, most ESR meters are useful. In order to conduct an ESR scan, they can or may not communicate with a capacitor.

Testing the ESR of a capacitor in-circuit is very dependent on the surrounding components in that circuit, an inductor in the same circuit as the cap won’t let you measure ESR.

Advantages of the best ESR meters: 

  • Automatic output display;
  • Accurate readings;
  • Auto-polarity function;
  • Affordable;

This guide aims at reviewing the top 5 ESR meters in the U.S. market. The comparison table includes the essential specs you need to know when to purchase an ESR meter. The buying guide includes a few useful tips as well. 

Multi-function ESR Tester by Longruner– the best for experienced users!

Multi-function Tester, Longruner 1.8 inch Colorful DisplayThe Longruner ESR meter has several capabilities, including the ability to detect different ranges, and is a multifunctional unit.

The resistor, diode, transistor NPN and PNP, capacitor, MOSFET N-channel and P-channel, triode, IGBT, and JFET may be detected. The detector will immediately check it by simply placing the pins in the relevant areas and dialing the given knob and it will visibly show the findings on the display at the end of the TFT panel. It supports English and Chinese languages.

If the device is not used, there is a multifunctional auto power off option that saves the battery energy for longer life.


  • Advanced performance;
  • Good LED;
  • One-button launch;
  • Auto shutoff;
  • Self-calibration;


  • Only for advanced users;
  • A manual is not included;

It is one of the best ESR meters with the self-calibration option. Make sure to check if the device is calibrated before the first test.

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor– the best for wide applications!

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital TransistorThe BSIDE ESR02 Pro transistor is quite convenient to evaluate plug-in and SMD systems, and may even be used to test various forms of triodes, MOSFET, to examine the form of system, pin polarity, HFE performance, the voltage of the valve, FET junction capacitance.

At recommended uptime, the DC voltage level directs this meter to the converter that uses 9V-12V. When the battery voltage under 6V is recommended to adjust or charge the battery, the 9v6 lr61 battery must be monitored.

This meter is operated by the DC voltage level that is recommended at the operating period for an adapter utilizing 9V-12V. The 9V 6LR61 battery was needed for battery power when the battery voltage level below 6V recommended when adjusting or removing the battery.


  • Versatile;
  • Affordable;
  • Many automatic options;
  • Accurate;
  • Muslim diode detection;


  • The build quality is average;
  • Batteries are not included;
  • Not easy to set up and read;

One of the inexpensive multi-functional meters that can be applied as an ESR meter on the U.S. market is the ESR02 device. The most appealing features are the beautiful outlook and reliable reading. With this multi-function meter, you can get a user manual.

Signstek MESR-100 V2 Capacitor ESR Tester– the best for high performance!

MESR-100 circuit tester
This MESR-100 instrument is an exceptional device with the features available. To measure the capacitance, the system uses superior 100kHz sinusoidal wave strength.

This translation of the sine wave from the square wave is a very powerful method to calculate capacitance.

For certain kinds of applications, the square wave signal generates high-frequency components that could be troublesome. The meter is also an auto-range device that is ideal for the usage of numerous forms of circuit checks.

The device’s efficiency also guarantees outstanding connectivity on the LCD. The device has an exceptional LCD, which quite easily stimulates the benefit. There is a special selection of resolutions in the product. The efficiency of the meter has surpassed that of other models.

With superior efficiency, the LCD is built to interpret the reading even at night.


  • Great LED;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • The 100 KHz sine wave signals;
  • Circuit testing is great;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Excellent resolution;


  • The build quality could better;
  • Batteries are not included;

The tool also comes with options for auto shut off which more effectively decreases power usage.

KKmoon M6013 Digital Capacitor Tester– the best for precision!

Resistance Capacitor Tester, KKmoon M6013The KKmoon M6013 device is a digital high-precision capacitor meter designed for measuring resistance, capacitance and circuit testing.

The large dot matrix LCD will show a reading of 5 digits. It is more stable in terms of reading (with auto-running averaging function, can read pF more stable and accurate). For external control and PC connectivity, it has a micro USB port.

In particular small capacitance, pF testing is recommended, the shortest test lead is advised, and the ambient EMI or RF noise can influence the reading of pF.


  • Short cables;
  • Large measure range;
  • Large dot matrix LCD;


  • The readings are not always stable;
  • Average build quality;

This ESR meter is recommended for professional and DIY usage. The auto mode meter automatically chooses the optimal set that can be sensed.

B&K Precision 881 In-Circuit Tester– the best for portability!

Digital Capacitance Meter Professional Capacitor Tester 0.1pFA new portable in-circuit ESR meter, the B&K 881 model, the new lightweight handheld tester, can be used to calculate the corresponding sequence of electrolytic capacitor resistors in or out of the circuit and can also be used to measure non-inductive resistors of low value.

This portable B&K ESR meter helps you to test both in and out of the circuit the series resistance of the electrolytic capacitors. Three distinct color panel charts display the ESR reading, which shows you whether the reading is strong, fair, or poor.

The unit often creates numerous ac signals for calculation, but the level of the signal is so optimized that no semiconductor materials can be opened. The accuracy of the measurements is the equipment’s special property.


  • Simple to use;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Great for outdoor use;
  • Good warranty;
  • Great range;


  • Readings are not accurate;
  • Not recommended for beginners;

The B&K Accuracy 881 model’s CD resistance range is from 0.1 and 30 ohms. It is very satisfactory to get the job finished. For equal sequence resistance assessment, it’s a simple but helpful ESR meter. It operates on a battery of 9V, and with this device, you have the batteries used.

The Buyer’s Guide


An ESR meter is defined more accurately (depending on the device type) as a pulsed or high-frequency AC milliohmmeter. Mostly, it is used to measure any low resistance. The internal resistance of batteries can be calculated by an ESR meter without back-to-back protective diodes.

An ESR meter can also be used to calculate the touch resistance of switches, the resistance of the printed circuit section (PCB) track, etc., depending on the actual circuit used.

Although there are specialized instruments for detecting short-circuits between adjacent PCB lines, an ESR meter is valuable because it can assess low resistances by clicking on semiconductor junctions in the circuit when inserting a voltage sufficiently low to complicate readings.

An ESR meter may be used to identify short circuits, or to decide which short circuit is short of a group of capacitors or transistors joined in parallel by printed circuit tracks or wires. For very low resistances, many traditional ohmmeters and multimeters are not available.


If there’s an LED or LCD screen, that will be fine. In order to ensure that the monitor has enough data to represent what you need, wide and clean displaying is advised. Efficient LCD or LED displays ought to be accessible for quality devices. A reliable LCD monitor comes with all the nice meters.

A significant trait should be the resolution of the display. The output quality often varies on the screen. Any false reading may be disastrous. 

Auto or Manual?

The auto-ranging ESR meter will detect and set the auto value. If the meter has to be manually adjusted to manually adjust the amount, it often panics.


An ESR meter should have short circuit protection in unwanted situations. 

Auto Power-off

The auto power-off role is necessary to conserve battery energy, it can preserve the battery life and prevent unexpected costs and increase the life of the ESR meter. A few interesting features are also available. Automatic shutdown is a required function.

This function requires careful power control of consistency. The show does not need to absorb electricity.

Most effectively, the equipment limits the ability to a specific maximum such that without recharging a charge, the system will operate for a longer time.

The study often contains considerations for shopping and commonly asked questions to guide you to select the very best for your disposal.

Modes and Functions

Check that the meter has all of the functionality you like. Some of the ESR meters have a one-button service that often functions well if operations are necessary. If there is no required mode range for the ESR meter, then it is absolutely useless. There are standard control, zero, and mode buttons for a full high-quality ESR meter.


One of the essential features of every meter is resolution. The larger the resolution would improve the precision.

That is why providing excellent resolution is very important. Of course, this depends on your specific needs and budget.

ESR Range

It is very important for the range of the meter. A broad range should help the device; otherwise, it is not possible to calculate any capacitance. There is a low range for some outstanding manufacturing.

There is a spectrum from .01 ohm to 40 ohms for the highest performing meter. The creation of the method depends on the fields as well.

Video Tutorial: MESR-100 V2 electronics repair fix broken power supply led tv

Final Thoughts

So this guide has covered everything. Right from top 5 reviews of ESR meters to their pros, drawbacks, and requirements. Choose the right ESR meter that blends well with your every job and get exact results on the go.

Our detailed blog can assist you in buying the right model for your requirements when there are so many meters accessible on the market.

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