Best Solder Pots

5 Best Solder Pots

Aven 17100-150 Lead Free Solder Pot
Pot solder capacity: 500g
Liquefies Solder Quickly
Stainless Steel
KLT-360 Solder Pot Titanium Alloy Soldering Melting Tin
Power: 100W
Melting Time: 3-8min
Max Temperature: 896°F
Twinkle Bay
100mm Lead Free Solder Pot with 2300g
Stepless adjustable T
Stainless Steel Board
Excellent heating
Jameco Benchpro
Jameco Benchpro Solder Pot
Holds up to 2.2lbs
Stainless Steel
Power: 1000W
With Big Power Heater

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Solder Pots

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Soldering is what a lot of people deal with from time to time. It is quite an exciting process of connecting two steel materials. For domestic use, you do not need large soldering stations. Something small and compact is better.
However, it is not always enough to have a soldering iron. Various wires and thin materials are difficult to cover properly with a tin, using a pencil shape iron.
It is much easier to heat solder into liquid and just dip the ends of wires into it. Therefore, solder pots are very useful for such tasks.

Features of Solder Pots

Solder pots are wonderful assistants for DIY. They can have various designs and be useful to repair small devices at home or in workshops. They can serve for many years and are perfectly suited to deal with short-term use cases when you need to sustain the same temperature for some time.

Tinning ends of wires becomes way easier and pots can be used for other soldering purposes.

  • It is easy to use them;
  • Solder pots serve for many years;
  • It is suitable for small elements.

On the market, you can find plenty of various solder pots. To find the best one is not that easy. To help you to be satisfied with a purchase, here are several products that are worth your attention.

Moreover, with the buyer’s guide, it will be easier to understand the personal needs and peculiarities of solder pots.

Be sure to also purchase a solder bar, like a 63/37, to melt in the pot.

QWORK 17100 – Best for Price

Aven 17100-150 Lead Free Solder PotSoldering is a wonderful DIY activity. It is also a popular method to repair small details in devices. For such purposes, customers need a reliable solder pot. Qwork 17100 is a popular choice for users. It allows customers to deal with various tasks due to wider compatibility.

As it has titanium plating over stainless steel, which has a nice life expectancy. Moreover, you can melt resin, solder, plastic, brass, copper, etc.


The overall design is simple. It does not require a lot of space and the pot itself has a small capacity. The switcher has eleven positions to adjust the needed temperatures. After trying the device once, you can figure out what heat you need.


  • A wonderful combination of price and quality of solder pot;
  • As the pot is lead-free, it is compatible with a great variety of materials;
  • It easily gets very hot;
  • Temperature switcher is very sensitive, which allows adjusting right temperatures;
  • The device can sustain the temperature of materials for long working sessions.


  • It does not have an inbuilt thermostat to know the exact temperature.

KLT-360– Most Compact Pot

KLT-360 Solder Pot Titanium Alloy Soldering Melting TinA lot of devices for soldering are quite bulky. Many users prefer to solder at workplaces, workshops, and homes. It is not always convenient to carry them around. KLT-360 is a nice option then. It is very small and does not require much space.

You can almost place it in your pocket and go home. Just remember to turn it off and let to cool.


It has everything needed for soldering. Reliable pot made of stainless steel. Stepless switcher to keep the temperature at the right levels. Stable rubber legs, prevent prom flipping the device over. Even when it is so small, it heats up very fast. In several minutes, KLT-360 melts what you need.


  • It is very easy to use the soldering pot outside with such small power consumption;
  • Wonderful device for such a price;
  • It is certified by ETL;
  • A popular choice among users to deal with small details.


  • Manufacturer’s quality control is not always at a good level.

Twinkle Bay– Most suitable for Beginners

100mm Lead Free Solder Pot with 2300gIn case you need something to solder or melt and among various devices, it is difficult to make a decision, then you should consider Twinkle Bay. It is a very common model that you can easily start using.


The whole unit is made of reliable steel. Pot is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for soldering and welding. Temperature switcher provides nice control as it is stepless. It means that users can adjust the right temperature by switching it by a very little bit.
The overall design is very pragmatic. Customers can easily open the unit housing if they need something to fix or replace. After some years, you may like to replace the pot and it will not require a lot of effort.


  • Very easy to get used to solder pots for beginners;
  • The pot has a large capacity for various projects;
  • It can heat up very fast to the needed temperatures;
  • The unit does not require a lot of place for storing;
  • It is compatible with desoldering.


  • The pot requires a lot of solder to perform properly.

Jameco Benchpro – Best for Fast Heating Up

Jameco Benchpro Solder PotThe process of soldering sometimes requires fast solutions. Rapid heating up can be decisive in everyday work. With Jameco Benchpro users do not waste their time. It has a larger than average capacity, which easily heats ups.


The unit is made of reliable materials that can serve for many years. The bottom part provides good stability to the pot, even when it is full. Moreover, the pot is made of lead-free materials, which provides users with the possibility to melt various non-standard materials.


  • Large capacity and fast melting;
  • The unit properly sustain heat for long working sessions;
  • It has a long power cord;
  • The pot is covered with a titanium plating.


  • It does not have a switcher to turn off/on.

Fetcoi CM-280S Lead-free 2000W– Most Powerful

LEAD-FREE SOLDERING POT 1000W CM161 compactAmong various solder pots, some users need a powerful tool. Aidetek has various models and CM280S is a suitable option. The heating process is very fast for the large capacity this pot provides. The functionality of the unit is very impressive.

It has a sleeping mode to reduce energy consumption. The locking function allows you to keep the same temperature and keep working for many hours.

Support 0 to 400C temperature range.


The unit is made of reliable titanium alloy, which easily resists high temperatures and makes the unit’s life expectancy very long. The digital and button control panel provides users with a possibility to exactly know what is the temperature of melted materials.
CM280S also has a place to put soldering iron. With a holder, you do not need to worry about putting it aside without damaging the working surface.


  • Easily melts up large volumes of materials;
  • It is simple to use it following the manual;
  • The pot can be removed without difficulties;
  • It has a proper cooling system;


  • It is not suitable for small soldering tasks.

Buyer’s Guide

While planning to get a solder pot it is important to understand for what purposes, you are planning to use it. If you know your future soldering project specifications, you will be able to find a device according to your needs. Solder pots have various qualities, which determine their quality. You should pay attention to them to get the best product. Here are some features that proper solder pots often have:

  • The heating element is made of ceramic materials;
  • It should be easy to assemble and disassemble the pot;
  • The timer is very helpful;
  • Long heating sessions for extensive soldering processes;
  • It also should have space under the rim to keep wastes.


With a great variety of soldering pots, you need to know whether you need more or less capacity. If you plan to work with very small pieces, chips, smartphone details, and others, there is no point in talking large pots and overpaying. Even small devices will be good enough for such tasks.

Otherwise, projects with larger pieces may require different sizes of pots. Thus, huge pots do not always mean the best. Only the right choice according to personal needs grants you maximum benefits from such a purchase. 


In most cases, people use pots just for solder. However, it is possible to use other materials with them. Depending on goals, customers try to get a device, which is compatible with their materials. The most common compatibility is with:

  • Solder;
  • Tin;
  • Lead;
  • Brass.

Among other materials, you can find solders that can be used with:

  • Resin;
  • Plastic;
  • Zinc;
  • Copper.

To be sure of getting the device you need, check compatibility in the specification. If you cannot find it, feel free of getting answers from sellers. 


The most important part of every solder pot is temperature. To melt materials it can be quite high. Depending on the model you get, the time it requires to reach the maximum temperature is different. 

Speaking about the temperature it is also necessary to mention control and settings. Most pots provide users with the possibility to adjust the heat. The right parameters make the soldering process more convenient confident. Different materials require various temperatures, and their control can be crucial. 


After several times of using solder pots, it is necessary to clean them as various small pieces can remain. It is necessary to mention that this process has to be performed when solder materials are hot. Such purging has to be done with great caution.

While selecting a solder pot, customers should pay attention to the shape and possibility to pour solder out to another container. After unplugging or turning the pot off, it should sustain a high temperature for several minutes to purge it. If you will wait too long, the solder will start to become hard. When it is in slimy condition, it is better not to continue purging and heat it again. 

Tips on Using Solder Pots

  • Always wear protection for eyes and hands;
  • Be confident in holding objects over pot firmly;
  • Do not drop items in hot solder, it may spill out and burn everything around;
  • Always unplug the device even when the button is off;
  • The working desk always needs to be spacious enough, convenient in use, and has a protective coating.

Recently I’ve started using the special solder pots while working with an iron. Before that, I picked DIY bowls for keeping hot solder out of my working surfaces. However, I recommend using a solder pot because it is specifically designed to heat solder to the required temperature and maintain this temperature for a long time for high-quality soldering work.

Why do you need a solder pot?

Soldering pots have many designs. These accessories are very convenient for work, both for a long time and for use in small workshops for repairing electronic devices. In addition, these pots are special devices that are ideal for short-term soldering jobs that require a stable temperature control.

I know that most friends who are into soldering, pick these pots to use, in particular, for melting solder, for tinning the ends of wires (to protect them from corrosion), when disassembling electronic components from circuit boards and other purposes.

Features to look for in solder pots:

  • A solder pot does not require special maintenance;
  • It can be used for many years;
  • A perfect accessory to solder small-sized elements by immersion;

Thanks to using a pot, you can easily start to solder – you only need to lower an object (for example, a printed circuit board) for a certain time. First, use the flux and then into the bowl with the already melted solder. When the flux evaporates and the seam is filled with the solder material, remove the product from the pot and complete the job.

What solder pots I recommend buying?

When choosing these accessories, it’s necessary to consider the specifics of your soldering project. In particular, the required volume of a pot directly depends on the size and weight of the components you are going to use for soldering.

Small pots are used to thin out the ends of small electronic components. They are good for melting the parts weighing only a few tens of grams. At the same time, some models can hold tens of kilograms.

Opt for models that are more expensive. They must be equipped with a temperature controller, a built-in thermometer with digital indication.

Also, make sure you buy a solder pot with such features:

  • The ceramic material of the heating element;
  • Simple replacement of the major bowl/tank;
  • A timer;
  • Compatibility with different types of solders, including lead-free fluxes;
  • Ability to maintain a high temperature even during a long working process;
  • The special container under the rim for waste collection (to keep the workplace clean);

SolderingIronGuide recommends top 5 personal solder pots:

  • Aven offers a pot solder capacity for 500 g. The pot is made of stainless steel;
  • TOMALTIC pot is good for enduring the melting time for 3-8 minutes, with a maximum temperature of 896 0F;
  • Twinkle Bay is another stainless steel based pot, with the excellent heating quality and stepless adjustable T board;
  • Jameco Benchpro may hold up to 2.2 lbs, another stale pot for very hot solder up to 788 – 842 0F;
  • Slmei with big power heater (up to 932 0F) is my personal choice for beginners;

Video Tutorial: Using a Solder Pot for wire soldering

To Sum Up

After learning about and review various solder pots, you have more knowledge to make the right decision. It is always important to remember for what purposes you plan to use such devices and to be cautious while working with them.

What do you think about my choice of solder pots? Do you use them? Please share your feedback about these items. To help beginners, I’ve attached a detailed video of using a solder pot for wire soldering. Make sure to subscribe if you like the content.

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