Weller WLC200 Review
Weller WLC200 Review
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Weller WLC200 80 Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering StationFeatures of Weller WLC200:

  • Power range from 5 watts to 80 watts
  • 3/8” chisel tip
  • Produces up to 900°F

Weller WLC200 User Manual

Having problem? Download Weller WLC200 80 Watt Soldering Station instructions.

Pros & Cons of Weller WLC200


  • Complete Soldering Station and Quality Pencil Soldering Iron
  • Reliable Chisel Tip and Replacement Tip Compatibility
  • Adjustable Temperature Range
  • Performs a Range of Jobs


  • No temperature display

Video Guide: How To Use Weller WLC200

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