Tabiger Soldering Iron Kits

4 Tabiger Soldering Iron Kits

Tabiger 11-in-1
Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with Tool Carry Case
Tabiger 20-in-1
Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60W
Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 15-in-1
Tabiger 10-in-1
TABIGER Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60W Adjustable

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Tabiger Soldering Iron Kits

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Tabiger has been in existence for almost three years and aims to offer effective and reliable solutions to help citizens live happier lives. Tabiger aspires to be the world’s largest maker of soldering iron equipment.

Tabiger’s soldering irons, soldering wires, and different forms of soldering kits are built to provide our consumers with high-efficiency equipment and a range of tool kits. Tabiger specializes in 5-in-1, 8-in-1, and 11-in-1 soldering iron kits available at an affordable price. 

Why choose Tabiger soldering iron kits:

  • Interchangeable parts;
  • Multiple uses;
  • Include replacement tips;
  • Many accessories;
  • Good for beginners and experienced users;
  • Affordable;

Are you looking for durable and affordable Tabiger soldering iron kits? Check the following reviews of 4 genuine sets, the comparison table and buying guide to make a final decision.

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W with Tool Carry Case– the best for portability!

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with Tool Carry CaseThis beginner’s Tabiger soldering iron kit includes 10 tools and accessories for welding projects. All the pieces are supplied in a sturdy carry case. A strong 60W soldering iron, 5 replacement tips, a stand, solder wire hose, anti-static tweezer, and desoldering pump are included with this kit.

The advanced ceramic printed heater on the 110V 60W soldering iron easily heats up to the ideal temperature, and the flexible temperature range (392 – 842F) with wide venting holes allows it to be far more energy-efficient.

The soldering method heats up easily by using a 60W power supply. There is no reason to spend time waiting for it to heat up, and there is no need to take too long for it to heat up.

It has a heating-resistant body in addition to easy-to-use strategies including simply turning on the button to start the operation. It is also prone to corrosion.

Recommended for: repairing assorted gadgets and circuit boards, such as jewelry, guitars, clocks, wiring, handheld devices, computer hardware, electronic jobs, capacitors or adapters, etc.

[tds_info]Tips for users: The current would flow automatically and solder the joints when a wet moist sponge is added to the instrument and the temperature is increased to the appropriate amount. Take the tool out at a 45-degree angle before shutting it off.[/tds_info]


  • One-handed use of a desoldering pump;
  • Includes a portable and durable carry case;
  • One-year warranty;
  • Easy to use;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • Heat-resistant;
  • Flexible cord;
  • Good tweezers;
  • A few extra anti-acid tips that are easy to replace;


  • The temp gauge can be accidentally turned on;
  • The holder could be better;
  • Good only for small jobs;
  • Low-quality samples;
  • The case is a bit small;

It can also avoid heating rashes in the hand over longer periods of operation, due to a secure rubber grip. There’s no reason to be worried about this Tabiger kit’s multipurpose use because it comes with a lot of advice.

Tabiger Temperature Soldering Iron Kit– the best for accessories!

Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60WTabiger’s 20-in-1 soldering package is appropriate for usage. It contains all of the materials you’ll need for your first project. To satisfy all of your soldering project requirements, this kit contains an iron, wire, desoldering pump, wick, stand with cleaning sponge, 5 different tips, 2 anti-static tweezers, rosin, copper wire, tiny scissors, screwdrivers, insulation tape, knife, and a carry bag.

Soldering from the circuit board would be simpler to clear with the disordering pump’s basic techniques. A button on a manual sucker does not involve both hands to operate; one is necessary.

Since the soldering iron’s shell is constructed of aluminum, it distributes heat more uniformly and does not rust. Stainless steel is used for a seamless and trouble-free process, guaranteeing reliability and high quality.

With an inner protective layer, the multifunctional sturdy plastic case is very useful for holding small tools and is simple to bear, preventing harm to the soldering gun and all accessories.

Recommended for: students, soldering amateurs and DIYers.

[tds_info]Tips for users: Before using the sponge, make sure it’s clean. Dust the soldering tip and “tin” both of the tip’s faces of solder. Place the solder wire next to the joint when the temperature is high enough, and the solder can melt and flow freely. Pulling the soldering tip outward and using it in this fashion can reduce the existence of the heating element.[/tds_info]


  • Many useful accessories included;
  • The effective solid rosin paste;
  • Good quality replacement tips;
  • Good for DIY projects and occasional repairs;
  • A spacious but compact tool case;


  • Heavy;
  • Some accessories are useless;
  • Doesn’t have a safety turn-off button;
  • The body gets very hot;

This all-in-one starter kit contains all you’ll need to get started soldering. It’s just good to have one on hand for the occasional instances when you actually need one. Many of the materials are of a high standard.

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 15-in-1– the best for the technology!

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 15-in-1Meet the upgraded version of the original Tabiger soldering iron kit. Includes 15-in-1 accessories as replacement tips, desoldering pump, tweezer, stand, solder wire. All these things along with an adjustable temperature soldering gun are delivered in a portable tool case.

The 60-Watt soldering iron heats up easily thanks to inner-heated ceramic technology, which preserves temperature control while lowering energy consumption. The soldering iron’s upgraded heat resistance material and steel-pipe four breathing holes help it cool easily.

The iron is kept in place by a compact stand with a cleaning sponge to maintain protection and comfort. It is much more stable than most thin stands.

Recommended for: DIYers, hobbyists, for welding circuit boards, small electronic repairs (think of a damaged USB drive), jewelry repairs, etc.


  • Very affordable;
  • Improved ceramic technology;
  • Convenient package;
  • Useful tools, tips and accessories included;
  • Portable;
  • Heat resistance and dissipation;
  • Good for advanced users;


  • The plastic housing is flimsy;
  • Poorly made stand;
  • Not quite safe for new users;
  • The temperature range is actually less than 800F;
  • Not durable;

It is a nice package to complete the job easily and reliably. A temperature dial on the pen that can be changed is a good function. You can take it everywhere, and the PU carry bag features nearly all of the equipment you’ll need for soldering.

Tabiger 10-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit in Portable Carry Bag– the best for beginners!

TABIGER Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60W AdjustableA Tabiger soldering iron, 5 tips, stand, solder wire hose, desoldering pump, and a portable storage bag are included with this kit. This tool collection contains anything you’ll need to complete your simple soldering ventures.

With the included solder sucker’s basic construction, you can use one hand to cock it and click the release button. A high-pressure vacuum tool can easily strip solder from a printed circuit board. The desoldering pump’s body is constructed of titanium, which is immune to abrasion, corrosion, and heat dissipation.

This Tabiger iron has a few cool features, including a “power” light that lets you realize it’s switched on at a glance, as well as an on/off button so you don’t have to disconnect it if you just need to take a rest.

Recommended for: beginners who need to do occasional DIY and repair soldering jobs. It can be great for heavy connections and fine electronics.

Tips for first-time users:

  • Always dampen the sponge before using;
  • Clean the top and then “tin” it with a solder coating;
  • When the temperature rises, put the wire close to the joint place, in such a way, the solder may melt and flow smoother;
  • Don’t pull the tip outward;


  • Designed for beginners;
  • Safe to use;
  • Environment friendly;
  • Has a power light indicator;
  • Good customer support;


  • Average quality;
  • Tweezers bend easily;
  • Poorly made cord;
  • Not recommended for wood burning;
  • Cools down too quickly;

This soldering package is incredibly lightweight. It can be an ideal complement to your maintenance package, saving you time and money in the end.

The Buyer’s Guide

The most important factors to consider when buying one of the original Tabiger soldering iron kits: 

Material of the body

Make sure that both of the instruments will handle extreme temperatures. A soldering tip with ceramic interiors is favored. For heat resistance, the holder that attaches the soldering rod to the handle should be made of rubber or copper.

Temperature adjustment/control

The temperature of a Tabiger device should be able to be changed when desired. Multiple metals on a circuit board have different melting points; if the same heat range is applied to them both, the whole setup would be destroyed.

As a consequence, adjustable-knob soldering techniques are favored. The heat range may be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Superior soldering metal has a temperature spectrum of 392 to 842 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used to solder musical instruments and other small-scale devices.

Energy consumption

Choose the one that uses a 110 V input voltage and a 60-Watt Soldering tool in terms of energy usage. These criteria must be fulfilled by even the simplest soldering instrument.

Switch buttons

Check to see if the soldering devices have a switch button. This would result in smooth running and the opportunity to turn it on and off throughout the reconstruction process.

As a result, efficient consumption will be minimal, and misuse will be uncommon. Instead of the tool, the strong button on soldering stations is mounted on the station itself.

Replacement tips

Many tool kits contain a number of soldering tips that can be used on the same unit. A more targeted tip is needed when operating on smaller pieces.

When soldering ground wires, however, a wider tip is needed. Therefore, getting a range of tips of varying sizes would mean that you are equipped for any circumstance.


When dealing with electrical appliances, it is important to maintain the user’s safety. Make sure the handle has an insulator. Such that it doesn’t burn your hand while you’re working for a long time or adding full heat.

Similarly, several ventilating holes should be present on the Tabiger tip to dissipate heat. When utilizing the soldering iron, an anti-slip holder can have a safe grasp.

Interesting video: Tabiger soldering kit

Final thoughts 

Tabiger soldering iron kits are budget-friendly, versatile and easy to use. If you seek a cheap but decent soldering iron kit with a few accessories, check the reliable Tabiger devices. For example, you may use these soldering irons for jewelry, small repair jobs, crafts and electronics. Make sure to buy the genuine set. 

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