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6 Best USB to 3.5 mm Jack – Headset & Audio Adapter for 2023

 Dukabel Pro USB mic headphone
TRRS 4-Pole
Audio Mic
 Ugreeen USB Audio Adapter
TRRS 4-Pole
 Envel USB Audio Adapter
TRRS 4-Pole
Audio Mic
 jsaux USB Audio Adapter
TRRS 4-Pole
Audio Mic
 jxmox USB Audio Adapter
TRRS 4-Pole
 sabrent USB Audio Adapter
TRS 3-Pole + Mic
Audio + Mic

Customer’s Choice: the Ultimate USB to 3.5 Audio Adapters

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Are you looking for a USB to 3.5mm Audio adapter or Headset adapter for your laptop or phone? We have tested many of these and list here the ones we really liked.

You may need a USB audio adapter if your phone or laptop does not have a 3.5mm port. You can connect your headset, including the mic using these USB port adapters.

The plug on your headset should have 4 poles, also known as TRRS type. This just means there are 4 rings on the end of your 3.5mm plug. Left, Right, Ground, and Mic. So, 3 are for stereo headphones, USB headset (output) and one is the microphone (input).

Dukabel ProSeries – USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter!

dukabel proseries mic headphone usb adapterCompared to other USB to 3.5 adapters, this gadget is very durable and slim.

They have great tech support, we inquired to see if there was a response. This is great as gaming mic. Very good audio quality as tested on our machine.

Tested on Playstation and iMac.


  • USB 2.0 and 3.0/1 Compatible
  • A 1 Year warranty
  • Lossless 16-bit Audio, 44.1k bps, CD Quality
  • Braided cable, 10 inch length
  • Special adjusters for balance
  • Innovative slim design
  • Safe protection from the unstable thermal flow
  • USB 2.0 Male -> 3.5mm female jack
  • PS4+, OS X, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi
  • TRRS, 4-Pole


  • Instructions were lacking
  • On PS4 noticed left/right were swapped
  • The digital display is not fully transparent

Dukabel is a 2-in-1 gaming audio and headset adapter that is appreciated by professional s. It combines 4 features in 1 device: a durable braided jacket. It has an in-built microprocessor to control temperature and airflow. This USB headphone adapter does not interfere with other USB cables plugged in to adjacent USB ports.

UGREEN USB 2.0 Audio Jack – the best headset option!

ugreen usb2 audio adapterThis lightweight 2-in-1 USB to 3.5 audio adapter for MAC, Windows, PlayStation, and Linux. Acts great as a sound card replacement with excellent sound quality. When plugged in it is seen as Realtek USB 2.0 Audio in device manager.

It comes with an adjustable digital display and protection. You may use this gadget to work with sound-sensible components and requirements.

[tds_info]Tips for the users: you may change the functions of this machine with a single push of the button. The system cycles every 20 milliseconds to detect the temperature more accurately.[/tds_info]


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Detects CTIA and OMIP headsets
  • Noise-free operation
  • Aluminum case
  • 16-bit, 48k bps Audio
  • Easy setup and launch
  • Stylish design
  • Built-in microprocessor
  • A pliable silicone cord
  • Includes 4 nozzles


  • The sound readings can be inaccurate when older headsets
  • Only one-year warranty

Besides versatility and temperature control, this station has an ESD safe design to guard the sensitive components against noise. Also, it has an automatic detection of different types of headsets. It can work with many CTIA and OMIP types too.

ENVEL USB Audio Adapter – the best for durability and wear!

envel usb2 audio adapterAnother Envel plug-n-play audio port model with the built-in smart sound chip. Ideal for skype, google, and gaming. This application is appreciated for the anti-static design that prevents leakage or static damage.

[tds_info]Tips for users: if the USB adapter stops working, the program will set an alarm and cut off the power supply to prevent any accidents.[/tds_info]


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable audio settings
  • Anti-static design
  • Automatic digital temp correction
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Good for the use in harsh environments
  • Programmable systems
  • Includes specifications


  • Made of cheap materials
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Not very accurate readings

This budget-friendly gadget is good enough for any audio needs. It sounds good and has great portability.

JSAUX USB C Aux/Audio Adapter – the best for USB C slim design!

jsaux usb c aux audio adapterIf you seek the long-life heating element, consider testing this machine. Besides the powerful 500-Watt metal heater, it has an in-built vacuum pickup tool and ESD microprocessor for better temperature control. To deliver precise adjustments, it has an integrated strain relief jacketing.

You may also try this system for the in-built auto tuning process.


  • Very durable heating element
  • All-digital display with touch control
  • An in-built sound gauge
  • Auto cool-off option
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable easy to plug in
  • Quick install


  • Only one-year warranty
  • The plastic is a bit sticky

This gadget includes the drivers for the work with latest headsets. It can provide consistent.

JXMOX USB C Headphone Jack Adapter – the best for extra functions!

jxmox usb c headphone adapterIf you need a really versatile audio station or sound card, pick this JXMOX model. It is equipped with a removable (a rare feature) USB C to 3.5mm audio jack that you may replace. Also, the system has great sound quality.

The unique 3-in-1 design includes a male USB C to 3.5 mini female plug, DC stabilized.


  • Affordable
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion
  • PID temp control
  • Manual and automatic
  • Automatically turns off the power if the gun stops working
  • The insulation for better leakage protection


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Inaccurate calibration

The package includes a few good features,  and short cable. You may use this to replace a bad sound card or add another one to your MAC, PC, or Linux system. It can be especially great as a USB headphone adapter.

SABRENT USB 2 External Stereo Sound Adapter – Separate Stereo Out and Mic In!

sabrent usb2 stereo adapterIf you need a really versatile sound adapter. One that has separate inputs for Microphone and stereo out, pick this Sabrent model. This is a very popular adapter and works for almost any USB port type. It also comes in a USB C plug size too.

We think it’s the best usb audio adapter.

A professional grade system, and has a great cool-down feature once you put the wand back in the holster. This unit has a nice feel and design makes it easy to use.

See video on using this External Audio devices.


  • Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion
  • Digital LED audio control
  • Manual and automatic modes
  • No external power needed
  • Best for all headsets


  • Only one-year warranty
  • A bit pricey

The package includes a few nozzles. You may use this appliance to work with. It can be especially great for repairing mobile phones and larger headsets.

The Buyer’s Guide

In this review, I offer you to check my top 5 of the best audio devices. Surely, you will see a single page of my tests’ results that took about 10 days.

I tried to cover the most popular and recommended models in the U.S. market – from cheap to more expensive appliances. My focus was to deliver the most useful sound adapters and jacks with several options. I picked only the most reputable brands for comparison. Here is what I managed to find out:

  • Envel – this is a real “beast” among plug in audio devices, a 4-in-1 machine with the digital display and power gauge. The price is also very reasonable – under $12;
  • Mark Ethan + – another 2-in-1 appliance with sensitive components and a large display;
  • Sabrent – has dual input stereo sound;

Such all-in-one appliances become very popular among professional electricians and audio hobbyists. I can understand and explain the interest: external adapters are faster, more versatile and precise.

My fellow audio experts agree that any good can be the irreplaceable tool for gaming needs. You’ve probably noticed that almost all stations come with. If you seek more advanced options, the most useful extra features are interchangeable plugs and automatic/programmable temperature control. Personally, I would also pick the model with a easy install because all jobs will be finished faster and with fewer risks.

Widely applied for audio, are also multi-purpose devices. These relatively small and modern appliances are very common among professional electricians and welding hobbyists.

To invest in a audio stations you should look for such things:


3.5mm audio adapters can be applied to many situations. The build quality must be sturdy enough to provide stability and durability for a few years. The materials have to be checked before buying. Look for the devices made of metal allows, preferably steel or heat-resistant materials. Also, keep in mind that all gadgets have elements made of sturdy plastic.


During the tests, you have to check the measurements and values. That is why all USB to 3.5mm sounds adapters will have similar sound quality. They all use built-in audio processing chips with basically CD quality sampling. You won’t be able to use the device effectively if the display shows inaccurate readings. Contemporary stations have a LED display or dual digital LED display or LCD or LED digital signals.


Audio must be lightweight because most sound hobbyists prefer to carry these gadgets indoors and outdoors. Consider investing in a lightweight gadget that weighs from 3 to 11 pounds. Such weight is the most acceptable if you seek portability.

Audio Controls

Most stations have the temperature control feature by default. You should be able to adjust the temperate quickly and easily.

Install time

You need to check how much time is required for the adapter jack to be installed on your phone or laptop. They should be plug and play in the USB port and since most of these drivers are already included on your PC.

In such a way, you don’t have to waste time while looking for an install disk. You may want to invest in the gadget like these.


You can’t underestimate the safety issues. It is an essential feature to look for in audio devices. Each gadget should have overheating protection. Check if the station has a safe design.

External USB Sound Jack vs Internal Audio Card

You can certainly use an internal card to add a sound interface, but it will be a bit more pricey, and the install would take considerably more time. However, it may have the additional features you need, that these quick plug-in adapters can’t give you.

This is something you have to decide. But for the price, it is an easy decision.

Best USB-to-3.5 Headset/Audio Adapter – FAQ

How do external plug in audio adapters work?

Besides industrial uses, most multi-purpose audio jack can be excellent at repairing mobile devices, tablets and other electronic devices.

What are the main advantages of a external USB to audio converter over an internal dedicated audio card?

  • The option to adjust the settings. Conditions can be adjusted straight via a digital display;
  • Cheaper than standard sound cards;
  • Easier to install, just plug it in to any USB port;
  • Can have multiple audio adapters for different sound requirements, i.e. one for headset use or gaming, and one for external stereo player;

The choice of a USB audio adapter device depends on a number of technical specifications and the task at hand. The main advantage of it is many in-built elements that replace smaller devices.

Also, each adapter device station has the digital processing element. You may choose between the audio devices that are assigned in your PC. Use it as a USB interface to your cars 3.5 stereo jack, if your phone does not already have a 1/8 plug.

Both options have certain advantages and disadvantages. To improve the sound in your gadget, you can buy various cables for the jack. However, at first, make sure that the hose does not cause a narrow passage.

A USB audio adapter gets power from the USB port of your PC, laptop or phone. It powers its internal processor and then transmits the audio in analog form to your headset or external audio equipment.

A top-notch USB to 3.5 sound adapter should be compact. It is better to invest in the gadget that can work with any power network. In such a way, you will be able to carry this easily whenever you need – take it to remote locations or work at home. Connect the gadget to any infrastructure. Your task is to find the gadgets with a wide range of features and tolerances or specifications.

How to use external USB 3.5 headphone adapters?

One of the major features of all 3.5 mm audio jacks is use-friendliness. Even beginners will be able to use this gadget easily:

  • Just plug it in and your system should recognize it;
  • Wait until the popup message identifies the new sound card;
  • Then plug in your headset or equipment and test the sound quality;
  • To adjust, check your system settings for audio settings;
  • Do the work by checking the machine’s display;
  • Turn it off if needed, or update the drivers;
  • Let the device adjust to your system after the update;

Most models have the adjusting buttons for this. The manufacturers can give you the instructions on how to achieve more accurate results if you get stuck.

A few tips for working with such audio adapters

  • Make sure to remove all plastic parts before plugging in/installing;
  • Do not adjust the sound levels too high, especially when testing for the first time. You can damage sensitive headset or modules until you are used to the proper sound pressure levels;
  • To speed up the process of installation elements, for example, micro USB connectors, you can use the alloys suitable for each manufacturer. At first, you should seal the contacts and with a conventional cable;
  • If you have a turbine-type station, then try to keep the device away from powerful magnets when working. An external audio card may include something like a Hall sensor. If this sensor is affected by a strong magnetic field, then it may fail;
  • A malfunction of the USB port adapter can be obvious by static noise or low volume levels;

Which is the best USB External Stereo Sound Card?

One of the options that you should consider is the sabrent. It consists of separate mic and audio interfaces. The temperature is microprocessor controlled using a closed-circuit design that provides high power as well as rapid heating. Other features of this device include an LCD, adjustable airflow and volume, and brushless design with less than 45dB noise level.

What is USB C to 35 mm Headphone Audio Adapter?

USB C refers to the type of plug on the USB side of the adapter or cable. This is used in the latest cell phones and most laptops and PCs are equipped with USB type C interfaces. A refers to the chips packaged in the process.

The advantage of this technology is that although the number of I/O pins increases, the pin spacing does not decrease, but increases, which improves assembly efficiency. Although its power consumption is increasing, the has a controllable collapse chip method, thus improving its performance.

Also, a USB C interface also has much higher data throughput than previous USB A 2.0 plugs.

There are four basic types of . Usually, the bottom of the package is connected to the weld ball array as the inlet/outlet inlet/outlet end. The diameter of the plug varies from company to company due to the lack of corresponding standards. From the point of view of assembly technology, the USB C has more advantages than the device, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the device has less stringent requirements for mounting precision.

Speaking about advantages no longer has pin warping issues similar to, and its coplanarity is also good with and other devices. Compared to USB A, C has a much larger output spacing, which can greatly reduce the problem of  compatibility issues. Also, type USB C exhibits good electrical and thermal properties,

The main disadvantage of is that it is difficult to detect and repair any issues, and the reliability of USB C is strictly required, which limits the application of many devices in many fields.

Can USB-C convert to 3.5 mm jack?

Yes, USB C can output a digital signal that can be converted to audio for use with analog devices light headsets, speakers, etc. It allows users to reach the even sound distribution. It also helps in directing audio to a specific place where you need to perform work without difficulties.

Is Sabrent a good brand?

Among various Chinese brands, Sabrent is a good one. It cares about delivering satisfaction to customers by making reliable and easy-to-use products. Moreover, you can find a good option without paying too much.

Video Tutorial: Using a 3.5 mm Audio Adapter as Headset


Final Thoughts

You have checked a few reliable, affordable and top-notch 3.5mm audio adapters or headphone jack adapter. If you’ve never used these applications before, you should try them because they are convenient and efficient gadgets. Versatile use and use-friendly features along with durability make these sound cards irreplaceable.

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