Weller 100-Watt Soldering Irons

5 Weller 100-Watt Soldering Irons

Weller W100PG
Weller W100PG Weller Farenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron
700 Degree
Weller 100PG
Weller 100 Watt Soldering Iron- Stained Glass Supplies Model: 100PG
700 Degree
Heavy Duty
Weller W100P-3
Weller W100P-3 Controlled Output Soldering Iron
600, 700, or 800°F
3-Wire Cord
2 pack
Weller W101
Weller - W 101 Soldering Iron 100W 230V
Tip Temperature: 370°C
Weller Temperature Control Soldering Iron
600 and 800 degrees F
120 volts

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Useful Video: Weller 100-Watt/140-Watt Soldering Gun

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