weller wlc200 rewiew

Weller WLC200 Review

Eventually, any man will pick up a soldering iron. Your child’s favorite toy may break, the torch stopped working, and there is no way to buy a new one, and just to solder the wires in your favorite radio, you need a soldering iron.

Weller WLC200 80 Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering StationFeatures of Weller WLC200:

  • Power range from 5 watts to 80 watts
  • 3/8” chisel tip
  • Produces up to 900°F

If at least once you have encountered similar problems, then you better pay attention to the soldering system. The soldering system will help you in difficult situations.

There is not always money to pay the master to solder a transistor, a board, or just a few wires. Modern technology and the one that was in fashion 10-20 years ago, not every master can repair. Sometimes you want to make something with your own hands. Conventional soldering irons have gone through an improvement stage. Many of them can change the tip, you can control the heating system of the tip, you can choose heating elements from original materials. But not every soldering station will have all the features. Choosing a quality soldering station is difficult.

If we talk about the soldering iron we are used to, then it will not have a heating control system. There is only one mode, and the user adjusts to these parameters while using the soldering iron. Also, you cannot replace the tip, buys additional attachments, there is no power to change the heating element. Using such soldering irons there is a risk of overheating, the solder does not fit well on the surface. Working with such a tool, you risk burning the tracks on the board, or, on the contrary, not soldering the wires and parts. The soldering station allows you to adjust the heating and get a high-quality result.

Modern soldering stations are much more advanced than just soldering irons. It equips them with a temperature controller and has a wide or narrow power range. If you want to solder thick objects or, on the contrary, are too thin, this job is for a soldering station. A conventional 20-40 W soldering iron cannot do this work without defects.

It is also worth noting that it equips modern soldering stations with hot air guns. Using this system, you can work with microcircuits. You can choose a contactless or contact soldering station, choose a station with two or more thermal modes, and with sets of tip nozzles for replacement.

Weller WLC200 User Manual

Having problem? Download Weller WLC200 80 Watt Soldering Station instructions.

Weller WLC200

If you are even interested in the soldering station, we suggest you pay attention to the following model. This is an inexpensive, universal soldering station for those who like to repair equipment. Its design is not flashy, minimalistic. The design is simple and easy to use. The control unit of the soldering station is analog, and the power supply is carried out according to a pulse circuit. The functionality of the soldering station is meager, but it is enough for minor repairs of equipment.

The soldering station copes with such tasks as fast heating, calibration. Consumables are not expensive, so it can easily replace them. All replacement parts and spare parts for the soldering station can be found in any radio store or ordered on the Internet through the catalog. The soldering iron is connected via a reliable metal connector. Weller’s soldering station is based on a new control box with a station base, SPG80 lightweight pencil soldering iron, 3/8” chisel tip, cleaning sponge, and pencil iron holder. The new high-performance soldering iron allows quick disconnection and tips replacement. The soldering iron holder can be rotated 180 º, and also allows dry or wet cleaning of the soldering iron tip.

On the display, you can select the mode of soldering There are only four of them. The soldering iron can be switched on easily with a button on the front panel. To save space, we can stack the units on top of each other.

Pros & Cons of Weller WLC200


  • Sponge built into the base;
  • Adjustable power range;
  • Warm-up speed;
  • Temperature control accuracy;
  • Reliability.
  • Complete Soldering Station and Quality Pencil Soldering Iron
  • Reliable Chisel Tip and Replacement Tip Compatibility
  • Adjustable Temperature Range
  • Performs a Range of Jobs


  • The average quality of the complete soldering iron;
  • Extremely simple “user interface”.

Using this device is simple. Without a clever design, you can easily figure out how to use a soldering station. Using a familiar temperature regulator, you can set the desired mode. When the soldering iron, quick warm-up mode is turned on, calibration is possible. An amateur will easily master this soldering iron and with its help will perform both minor repairs and large volumes of work.

Buyer’s Guide

It takes many factors into account by buyers when choosing a soldering device. For some, it is enough to read reviews on the forums, but someone approaches this choice more responsibly. Before buying, such a buyer will weigh all the pros and cons, review all the characteristics of the device, and sometimes try the soldering station at work. If you’ve bought a soldering station and still don’t know what to look for, then this buying guide is for you. We have collected here the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a soldering station.

Heating element and its type. The heating element can be ceramic or Nichrome. A soldering station with a Nichrome tip will be much cheaper. Such a sting has a short service life. When choosing a soldering station with such a tip, you need to pay attention to whether you can replace this part of the soldering iron. If you have large volumes and you regularly perform soldering work, then you should pay attention to the ceramic option. However, the ceramic tip also has its drawbacks. The durability and strength of such a tip will directly depend on the uniformity of heating.

Temperature change interval. The wider the temperature range, the better and more functional the device.

Heating time. It is better to choose those devices that have a minimum heating time.

Device power. One of the most important criteria. We will use it if you know exactly what the soldering station for, it will be much easier for you to choose the device of the correct power. You should be especially careful when choosing power when you need to work with electronics and sensitive devices. Not every soldering station is suitable for repairing smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops. To repair such devices, 40-70 watts will be enough for you.

Voltage. Choose low voltage soldering stations if you work with equipment such as notebooks and smartphones. For any other devices, you can buy a soldering station with a large range.

Remember also the following. The type of device will affect the type of work. Non-contact soldering is used for dismantling parts and helps to work in hard-to-reach places. It is not convenient to use such soldering when working with small parts. Digital soldering stations provide better control of heating temperature. Be careful when buying. Think for what purpose you will buy a soldering station and only then decide which one will be the best for you.

Video Guide: How To Use Weller WLC200


The rapid development of modern electronics, the reduction of mobile phone boards and other gadgets with a simultaneous increase in the number of their components has led to the fact that a conventional soldering iron is no longer enough even for domestic use. To improve the quality and speed of soldering, both at home and in professional workshops, a more productive tool is required – a soldering station.

Soldering station – equipment designed for tasks in which the functionality of a conventional soldering iron is not enough. These are more powerful and more advanced devices in design and equipment. Depending on the goals of the operator, different types of stations should be used. For example, for domestic use, contact and combined hot air are most popular. In professional areas, infrared devices are most in demand.

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