weller wps18mp review

Weller WPS18MP Review

Electronic technologies are improving very quickly. Modern manufacturers offer new electric and electronic products almost every year. But, unfortunately, they are not protected from periodical malfunctions and break down. So it is reasonable to have some high-tech tools for DIY repairs. For this purpose, you will need a soldering iron.

Weller WPS18MP High-Performance Soldering IronFeatures of Weller WPS18MP:
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 2.4 inches
  • Voltage input: 110V
  • Temperature: up to 900F




Electric soldering irons are the most convenient and effective devices for soldering metal and plastic parts. It is a must-have instrument in the home toolset. An electronic model is the simplest tool used to successfully repair various things on your own. It is designed for fixing electronic components and conductors using lead-tin solder and flux. Soldering irons produced by German and Japanese manufacturers are considered to be of the highest quality. And in this article, we will review WELLER WPS18MS as well as discuss how to choose a reliable soldering iron.

Weller WPS18MP User Manual

Having problem? Download Weller WPS18MP High-Performance Soldering Iron instructions.

Product Description

Technical Characteristics
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 2.35 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Special feature: LED light indicator
  • Repair options: replaceable tip.

Product Construction

WELLER WPS18MS soldering iron has a classical design:

  • Rod;
  • Heating element;
  • Holder;
  • Electric cable and a plug.

When you connect a soldering iron to the mains, the heating element warms up and transfers the temperature to the rod, which has high heat conductivity. This way, the temperature of the tip increases, reaching hundreds of degrees, and it can easily melt the solder alloy. Most often, tin-lead or copper-zinc alloys are used. Melted substance gets into the gaps of the parts you want to join, and upon cooling, forms a strong permanent connection.

Pros & Cons of Weller WPS18MP


  • It is available at an affordable price;
  • The tool is unpretentious in work and can well withstand mechanical damage and shock;
  • You can replace the tip without difficulty;
  • The device heats to working temperature in only 35 seconds;
  • Red LED indicator gives you a signal when the right temperature is achieved – it turns green;
  • Handle shape provides a convenient grip;
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Designed with the requirements of the professional in mind
  • Trusted, designed, and used by experts
  • Molded Grip For A Comfortable Feel
  • Ideal for electronics hobbies


  • Some users commented that the socket holding the tip gets loosened easily.
  • There is no possibility to adjust the temperature.
  • Too fragile

Buyer’s Guide

Not having enough experience, many people find it difficult to choose a soldering iron as most of them look identical in design. But there are important criteria to take into account before purchasing the device.


It is the first thing you should take into account when selecting a specific model of the device since it regulates the heating temperature of the working surface. For soldering very small items or small microcircuits, it is advisable to have a soldering iron with a power up to 25 W. If you use a more powerful tool, you will simply damage the microcircuit. For bigger elements and wires, it is better to apply a 40W device. Thus universal home soldering iron should be in the range of 25-40 watts. Such a tool with be suitable for most of the work.

Material and shape of the tip

In order for the device to serve for a long time and the soldering of the parts to be of high quality, the working tip must ideally conduct the heat and be able to accumulate heat. The tip should be wear-resistant and have a protective film that prevents oxidization.

Copper and its alloys are the perfect materials for working tips. However, they are not durable and quickly corrode. Steel and nickel tips serve for a long time and are corrosion-resistant, but they do not conduct the heat well enough. Therefore, modern manufacturers tend to use composite materials for the production of tips.

You can find copper tips with nickel finishing. These tips can work for a long time but their adhesion desires to be better. It is a major drawback since solder fails to stick to the tip. Silver-plated copper lugs are a better option but they are somewhat more expensive.

Nowadays, manufacturers have been using metal tips with ceramic coating for electric soldering irons. They perfectly conduct the heat, have a good heat capacity and do not corrode. You will not need to distract for constant tip cleaning when using this device.
Soldering iron tips are available in the form of a needle, cone, and even a wedge. Craftsmen consider a wedge-shaped tip to be the handiest option as it is appropriate for various jobs. It heats up instantly and holds the solder well.

Temperature controller

A significant advantage of modern soldering irons is the presence of a temperature controller, which is convenient to use with frequent changes of soldering modes. They are usually more expensive than conventional ones but can replace several devices if necessary. Reducing the temperature is advisable when working with thin wires for better results. Instruments with temperature controllers are safer for microcircuits where you face the need to solder parts of various thicknesses.

Handle material

The handle of the electric soldering iron is always made of a material that can withstand high-temperature loads. Wood is the most suitable material for these purposes. Soldering irons with wooden handles are light enough and do not deteriorate when heated. Models with ebonite handles are very heavy and inconvenient to work with, and plastic ones often get too hot. If you still decide to buy an instrument with a plastic handle, give preference to the models from reputable brands.

Video Guide: How To Use Weller WPS18MP


Soldering irons are very handy when you have something out of order and need repairs. After reading the manual, you can do any manipulations yourself, without giving the device to a service center. When buying any tool, first of all, pay attention to quality, reliability, manufacturer, and cost. Home craftsmen will find the WELLER WPS18MP model a great solution for a wide range of small repairs. Even with fairly intensive use, it will serve for quite a long time, provided that proper care is organized for it.

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