Best Bluetooth Modules for Arduino

5 Best Bluetooth Modules for Arduino

JBtek HC-05
JBtek HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver Module Slave and Master RS232 For Arduino
High Quality
Made in The USA
DSD TECH HM-10 Master and Slave Bluetooth 4.0 LE iBeacon Module Compatible
Operating voltage: 3.3V to 6V
Default rate of 9600
ICQUANZX T-Display ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth Module
1.14 Inch LCD
Working voltage : 2.7V-3.6V
Charging current : 500mA
HC-05 Arduino
HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Receiver RF Transceiver Module
Input voltage: 3.6V - 6V.
Size: 37.5mm * 16.5mm * 4mm
High Quality
KOOBOOK 2Pcs AT-09 Bluetooth 4.0 Transceiver BLE Module Serial Port
Input Voltage:3.3V/5V
High Quality
Package Includes: 2Pcs

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Arduino is an open-source hardware platform for electronics. But how does Bluetooth fit? On one hand, there are quite a number of Arduino modules and shields. On the other hand, a small number of producers sell these modules/shields. Also, there are low-cost modules for Arduino boards.

You need a Bluetooth module and a development board to make a robot that communicates wirelessly. Arduino has the most used and cheapest Bluetooth module that has worked great with Arduino’s very short list of standard Bluetooth modules.

Consider getting your next Arduino Bluetooth project going with some of the modules that are reviewed in this guide. The comparison table and tips of buyers are included.

JBtek HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver Module– the best for beginners!

JBtek HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Host Serial Transceiver Module Slave and Master RS232 For ArduinoThe JBtek HC-05 wireless Bluetooth model is easy to set up and use. It won’t detect any temperature increases even if the prototype uses a lot of components and wires. Easily it runs the TX/RX pins on 3.3V. The module is fully compatible with Arduino Uno boards.


  • Great temperature control;
  • Easy connectivity;
  • Simple to use;


  • Low voltage range (less than 5V);
  • Limited documentation;

The module can understand many AT commands, so it makes it easy to customize the device.

DSD TECH HM-10 Master and Slave Bluetooth 4.0 LE iBeacon Module– the best for Apple devices!

DSD TECH HM-10 Master and Slave Bluetooth 4.0 LE iBeacon Module CompatibleThis DSD Tech HM-10 iBeacon module is compatible with iPads and iPhones via 4 PIN Dupont cables. Through the AT command, you can set this master-and-slave, even in iBeacon way work. It also supports the ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service).


  • Great voltage range;
  • 4-pin baseboard;
  • Compatible with many Apple devices;


  • Needs a voltage divider;
  • Some iOS apps may not respond;
  • Doesn’t support any Android OS lower than 3.0;

It is one of the most affordable Bluetooth modules for Arduino boards and iOS-supporting devices.

ICQUANZX T-Display ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth Module– the best for USB connection!

ICQUANZX T-Display ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth ModuleThe T-display is large and accessible from all angles. This ESP32 module, which includes a display, is a great deal for such a price. If you solder the headers on the included display, it fits well on a breadboard.


  • Good USB connectivity;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Top-notch LCD IPS display;


  • Doesn’t include battery;
  • LCD drains battery easily;

A solid Bluetooth module for Arduino that also includes a quality LCD display. The modular interface is vast and good for wide application.

HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Receiver RF Transceiver Module– the best for transferring data!

HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Receiver RF Transceiver ModuleThe HC-05 Bluetooth module sends out the data collected. When Bluetooth is not connected, the LED light flashes. Switch between transmitter and receiver via AT commands. HC-05 is a complete RS232 interface. However, it does not communicate with all iOS devices.


  • Easily switch between Transmitter and Receiver modes;
  • Connection status indicator;
  • Bi-direction emulation;


  • Doesn’t fully support iOS;
  • Occasionally resets;

If you need an affordable Bluetooth module for transferring data between Arduino and devices, pick this HC-05 model.

KOOBOOK 2Pcs AT-09 Bluetooth 4.0 Transceiver BLE Module– the best for compatibility!

KOOBOOK 2Pcs AT-09 Bluetooth 4.0 Transceiver BLE Module Serial PortThe KOOBOOK AT-09 module contains a BLE chip to perform great serial communication via TX and RX pins. The module also uses a lot of the HM-10 functionality. This makes it simple to use. This small Bluetooth 4.0 TTL module supports iPhone/iPad, IOS 6, Android 4.3 and above devices to communicate.


  • In-built switch function;
  • 5V power port supply;
  • Compatible with iOS and Android;
  • Good serial interface;


  • Results may float;
  • Good only for small projects;

The module will read the data using its serial port interface. Central can integrate data to any connected sensor.

The Buyer’s Guide

First, you need to understand that Bluetooth models for Arduino can be Low Energy (BLE) or Standard (Classic). Depending on this type, you need to consider such things when buying one of such modules:

Board size

The average Arduino board’s scale is 2.7 inches x 2.1 inches and the shields that bind to it are about that size as well. However, if you require a smaller device, some Arduino integrated boards are much shorter and rely on BLE.

You’ll need to look carefully at the compatibility of the boards. They are very different but use many of the same Arduino code and environment.

Output power

Standard Bluetooth boards may often have a higher output capacity than BLE. Many BLE modules output 0dBm to 4dB of maximum power, whilst also Bluetooth modules can also output 10dBm.

When you are measuring on the outside, you can measure at 100 meters. Batteries of Lithium-Ion and Alkaline types will work as long as the voltage is accurate.


Many computers have Bluetooth. You can normally quickly pair the Bluetooth module to your device and see the data being transmitted to the module over UART.

BLE4 is slightly more difficult. People support Windows 8. Operating systems may not support the new feature.

Many Mac computers now have BLE support, and OS X can also connect to Bluetooth devices.


Bluetooth was developed for audio applications. A few I2S module chips may transmit sound. There is no Bluetooth Low Energy for audio; you will need a Classic Bluetooth module.

Transmission rate

Most Bluetooth modules for Arduino are technically incapable of supporting its full frequency (1 MHz) since Bluetooth focuses on easy connectivity. For instance, E-cigarettes can produce low-energy Bluetooth radio transmissions, but this can be a drain on battery power. When high speed is needed, the EDR’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can support higher rates. Any rate increase will require more power consumption.

Video Tutorial: Bluetooth Low Energy Tutorial with HM-10 BLE 4.0 & Arduino

Final thoughts 

If you want to learn Bluetooth, an Arduino module is a hot item. Such modules are useful because they make it easy to build a product without dealing with the low-level issues of constructing Bluetooth products.

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  1. I have a long-range Bluetooth module that will connect with Arduino and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This module will also work with sensors and servos. I recently tested this Bluetooth range with an HC-06 module from I have been able to get over 100ft of range with it indoors, but I have not been able to test the range outdoors yet. A couple of different modules are available on Amazon, and all seem to be good for at least 30 feet of range.

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