5 Best Wood Burning Kits with Soldering Iron

 Wood Burning Tool Kit, Preciva 47 in 1 Pyrography Wood Burning Tool
Material: Copper, Iron, Plastic
Power: 60W
Voltage: 110V
Vastar Store
Vastar Wood Burning kit
Quick Heating
Widely Used
Easy to Use
Upgraded Wood Burning Kit 47PCS,Wood Burner Pyrography Pen
Fast Heating
Ergonomic Design
Heating ceramic technology
Upgraded Wood Burning Kit, Adjustable Temperature
Quick Heating
Ergonomic Design
Easy to Use
SthAbt - 54pcs Wood Burning Kit Set Adjustable Temperature Pyrography Pen
Great for First Project
Adjustable Temperature
Wide Application

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Wood Burning Kits with Soldering Iron

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Wood burning kits are a great way to start woodworking without having to buy expensive equipment. A soldering iron, also known as a hot wire cutter, is the only tool that you will need with this kit. Soldering irons can be found at many hardware stores and come in various sizes but for most wood burners a small or medium size would suffice.

Reasons to Invest in Wood-Burning Kits with Soldering Iron

  1. Versatility. Wood-Burning Kits are great for DIY projects. They make it easy to create custom designs, logos and images on wood or metal with the use of a soldering iron guide. The kit includes everything you need: an electric soldering iron, solder paste (for heating the tip), paper stencils (to trace out your design before burning) and wire clamps that hold down the object you’re working on so it doesn’t move while being etched with heat from the soldering tool;
  2. Easy to use. You don’t have to be very skilled in order to operate this product because there is little skill involved in using it. It has only one button that switches between three different temperature settings for either drawing or soldering;
  3. Affordability. Wood-burning kits are very affordable and can be found for as low as $30 on Amazon. The supplies themselves might not cost much either, depending on what you already have in your home or if the project requires specialty materials like colored pencils to create designs before etching them onto the surface;

Wood-burning kits are a great way to get creative and personalize your home, office, or favorite gift. Wood burners come in many shapes and sizes with different features that can make them the perfect tool for every situation – from beginners to experts! But how do you know which one is best? Read about top picks of wood-burning kits with soldering iron guides, as well as some tips about what to look for when choosing the right one for you.

Preciva 47-in-1 Wood Burning Tool with Pyrography Pen – the Editor’s choice!

This 60W wood-burning tool is fast and easy to use. The Preciva 47-in-1 Wood Burning Tool with Pyrography Pen can help you adjust the temperature easily. With its ergonomic design, it is comfortable for extended use in various positions without feeling fatigue.

It heats up quickly within 45 seconds and will not slip out of your hand when using the rubberized grip found on the handle.

Creating wooden crafts is an exciting hobby that you can enjoy. Design your lampshade, frame, or decoration with the Preciva 47-in-1 Wood Burning Tool and quickly craft any design to make it look like something from your imagination.


  • Heats in 45 seconds;
  • Powerful;
  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Non-slip handle;
  • Lightweight;
  • Good for embossing;
  • Includes a PU bag for all the pieces;
  • Great for any level – beginners and experts;


  • The handle easily gets hot;
  • Only for straight lines;

This amazing wood burner comes with many features sure to make your art easy and more fun. The non-slip ergonomic rubber handle that adjusts from different angles is guaranteed to save you from muscle fatigue.

Vastar Wood Burning Kit with Adjustable Temperature Soldering Pen – the best for expert DIYers!

The Wood Burning kit is a perfect set to get and use for your daily needs. Equipped with 28 different tips, this tool can be used for many different things. Whether you’re looking to transfer an image onto wood, stencil making of items being soldered on clothing or wood frames, or just transferring words onto small items like tea cups and vases, this tool will do it all.

Simply select the desired tip by clicking up or down on the dial at any given time. Designed to heat evenly throughout without overheating quickly while in use, so you won’t have to worry about getting impatient waiting for it to heat back up before starting another project.


  • The in-built heating ceramic tech;
  • More than 28 replacement tips;
  • Good for professional DIYers;
  • Includes a manual;
  • Easy to use;
  • Can withstand heavy-duty jobs;


  • Some parts are only for beginners;
  • Some tips break easily;

Perfect for those who want to get creative in the home but don’t want any messy painting skills, use this wood-burning kit with an adjustable temperature soldering pen and make your imagination into reality.

Arokimi Upgraded Wood Burning Kit 47PCS – the best for the handle design!

Arokimi’s upgraded wood-burning set has all the tools and accessories for beginners, experts, and anyone looking for a nice hobby. The lightweight design offers a comfortable grip that doesn’t cause fatigue when used at many angles.

Burners are adjustable between 300F and 842F – make sure to not press down too hard because it can achieve even higher temperatures!

The product also comes with 33 different welding tips so you have plenty of options depending on your interests. This heat-active ceramic material heats up in 45 seconds, saving precious time while preserving energy for the environment.


  • Great handle design to operate at various angles;
  • Good for embossing letters;
  • Good temperature range;
  • Durable ceramic tech;
  • Recommended for light-duty welding as well;


  • May overheat;
  • Won’t cope with some wood materials;

It is the perfect kit for all levels of skill because it comes with 33 different tips and accessories to get you started in a wide variety of creative designs. The lightweight design is made just right so that your hands can rest comfortably on the handle without risking fatigue during use.

ATHOMEY Upgraded Wood Burning Kit – the best for different materials!

The ATHOMEY Upgraded Wood Burning Kit is something you can use for a lot of different things. There are a bunch of jobs that its soldering function, wood burning and leather burning will help you with, even better if you’re just looking for one thing to do tonight! It works at adjustable temperatures between 392F and 842F.

The smart design gives it stability and consistency as well as efficiency in energy usage. The ergonomic handle lets people working with it be comfortable no matter what angle they’re using it at, and the metal holder keeps everything safe while you work on something else!


  • Multifunctional;
  • Quick heating;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Suitable for all the artists;
  • Great for leather making, welding, hot knife cutting;


  • May smell during use;
  • Fingers can be burnt;

This kit has everything you’ll need to master your next craft project. Whether you’re a designer, crafter, or just someone who loves DIY projects around the house, this wood-burning kit is sure to get the job done for you in no time at all.

SthAbt 54pcs Wood Burning Kit Set – the best for beginners!

The ATHOMEY Upgraded Wood Burning Kit SthAbt 54pcs Wood Burning Kit Set can be the perfect set for beginners! It includes all of the necessary tools and materials for you to try your hand at basic wood burning.

The kit even comes with a 30w pyrography pen (the real pen not plastic) which is ideal for first-time pyrographers working on heavy-duty projects like wooden plates or furniture pieces. This product also includes adjustable temperature thanks to its embossing capabilities, ensuring that heat is never too high when working across different types of material.


  • Designed for beginners;
  • Includes 54 useful pieces;
  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Versatile application;
  • The tips are easy to replace;


  • Heats slowly;
  • Some pieces are flimsy;

This set is perfect for any beginner or seasoned wood-burning fan. It includes all the tools you’ll need to make a personalized, one-of-a-kind project: a 30W pyrography pen, soldering tips, letter stencils and key rings for signs and plaques. The kit also comes with bamboo chips good for small projects like custom name tags or coasters.

The Buyer’s Guide

How Does Wood Burning Work?

Wood burning, or pyrography as it is called in the art world, is a process of drawing with wood. It’s done by heating a needle to produce intense heat and then tracing the design on paper (or other surfaces) that has been coated with wax or oil-based paint.

Wood burning is a process where the artist literally burns into the wood. For an electric kit, you will want to focus on the soldering iron and how it operates with your chosen tool – such as a pen or stylus. It’s important to know which features are best for what type of work before investing in one over another. 

The process of wood burning is accomplished by a variety of tools that have different functions. The most common tool, the soldering iron tip that comes in many shapes and sizes for all types of projects, can be used to burn or carve into your work piece. If you are looking for more precision with detail-oriented artwork such as lettering, an engraving pen may suit your needs better than a larger brush-type stylus.

The most important consideration when burning wood is to make sure that you are using the right type of material. You should not use pine, fir or other types of softwoods for this process because they will create toxic smoke and a high degree of soot. The best materials to burn include hardwoods like oak, maple, ash and elm – these will produce less smoke as well as minimal soot but also provide excellent results in your project!

Safety in Wood Burning

Safety is always an important consideration, and when this type of project is being considered it’s worth considering safety with wood burning. Wood burns at a different temperature than the standard flame on your stove or gas grill. In fact, these types of fires will produce temperatures upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit while producing embers that are very hot as well (up to 3000 degrees). Keep that in mind when dealing with any part of the process.

Here is what you should do to stay safe during wood burning:

  • Be sure to wear long sleeves and pants – the embers can light the exposed skin very quickly;
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergency (or even before starting). This is especially important if you choose not to use safety goggles because any type of mishap with hot wood or burning coals will likely result in particles flying towards your eyes;
  • Use caution when cutting through knotty areas that are prone to catching fire easier than other sections, as well as threading metal rods into tight spaces where heat buildup could cause damage;

How to Solder Using a Wood Burner?

Soldering is the process of joining two metals together by melting and flowing one metal (the solder) into another. Using a wood burner on metal is tricky because it can be difficult to melt the solder and then hold onto both pieces of metal:

  • Start by removing all unnecessary materials, such as paint layers from between your two metals. This will give you a good surface area for soldering with minimal risk of separation or other damage;
  • Apply flux – this liquid compound helps lower the melting point of solder so that it melts more easily when heated. It also acts as an adhesive agent which prevents oxidation during the soldering process (this allows your work time to not have any air contact);
  • Heat both parts until they start heating up too much. Just before they are ready, apply some flux with a brush or cotton swab and then start to solder one piece onto the other;
  • Hold both pieces tightly together while soldering, and keep an eye on where you are applying the flame so that it doesn’t turn into a spot of fire larger than what is necessary for melting your solder;
  • When finished, let cool completely before trying again or using any pressure to separate them. If there is too much heat in one area when they are cooling down (such as at the seam), this can cause damage such as bubbling up around the surface of metal or expansion/contraction warping from large temperature changes;
  • Solder burns hurt like hell so avoid touching anything hot with your bare hands if possible;

Soldering Iron vs Wood Burning Tool

You might be wondering about the difference between a soldering iron and a wood-burning tool. Well, here is an overview of what you can expect with each one:

1) A soldering iron heats up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the 500-degree temperature of most wood burners. They also have finer tips for more detailed work than your average wood burner; so it’s not recommended that you use a soldering iron as your primary method when creating large designs unless you are really skilled at using them. In contrast, many people find that they don’t need much skill or practice if all they’re doing is making small designs on their artwork like stencils or hand-drawn images. Those who want something quick and simple will see success with this type of tool.

Each soldering iron has a pointed tip that can easily get into those tight spaces for detailed work like lettering and also requires less pressure to cover the surface with solder than heating an entire wood-burning pen. This is really beneficial because it helps protect your artwork from burning marks, especially if you’re still working on developing your technique or drawing skills. If you are new to using this tool, it’s best not to use one that heats up above 600 degrees Fahrenheit so as not to accidentally burn any delicate surfaces before you have mastered the basic techniques.

The downside of these tools is that they require more practice and time investment in order to create anything other than simple designs; but once someone gathers enough experience, it greatly speeds up the process.

2) A wood burner heats to a higher temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and has a wider tip than soldering irons, making it easier for beginners who are just learning how to do this type of work because they have more room in which to make lines or shapes with fewer mistakes. They also provide an incredible amount of control when doing detailed designs like outlining letters. So if you want something that’ll give you better results without all the hassle then go with one of these tools instead!

This is what’s different between soldering irons and wood-burning kits:

  • Soldering iron tips heat up at 700 degrees Fahrenheit whereas most wood burners only reach about 500-degree temperatures; 
  • Wood-burner tips are wider than those on a soldering iron and provide more room for mistakes;
  • Both tools require practice to use well but the solder requires less pressure while wood burners need more time investment;


Can a wood-burning kit be used for soldering?

The answer to this question is yes! There are soldering kits that include a variety of tools. However, not all wood-burning kits with soldering irons can be used for the task. If you want something that will work both like a soldering iron and as a wood burner then it’s best to look at more expensive models rather than cheap ones from unknown manufacturers.

Is a wood burner the same as a soldering iron?

A soldering iron is an electrical tool used for melting solder and should not be confused with a wood burner. A soldering iron typically has low wattage, heats up quickly, and stays hot enough to keep the solder melted while you work on your project. 

The benefits of a wood burner include the fact that it doesn’t require electricity, has variable temperature settings for different woods and materials, is inexpensive to buy both new and used, can be found at most craft stores or shops online.

A soldering iron is designed to mend metal surfaces, whereas many of these kits aid in woodworking. They have two different purposes. 

Wood burners come with a variety of tips that are typically interchangeable so you can use them for various tasks such as charring or etching instead of just engraving because they don’t have solder capabilities built into their design as a soldering iron does.

For those starting with making DIY gifts like wood signs or art in general, it is recommended to use a soldering iron kit because they are cheaper than standalone kits while still offering everything you need to get started. 

Even if you are experienced in crafting projects involving burning designs into various surfaces (i.e., leather), professional results without any difficulty may take some time to learn.

How do you burn letters to wood without a soldering iron?

One of the most common questions we get is how do you burn letters to wood without a soldering iron. This can be done with either an arc-welder or just some really good batteries and wire. For this to work, there needs to be enough voltage going through the circuit in order for it to light. The voltage requirement depends on what type of metal you use as well because higher voltages create brighter burns. 

For example, you need a lot of voltage to make a cut into the wood with steel wool. This is because copper wire only needs to be strong enough for the current. It also helps if those high currents are used with the right type of metal.

Does a wood burner get hot enough to solder?

Wood burners get hot enough to solder. Some wood-burning kits include a soldering iron, but they are typically just an option and not the main purpose of any given kit.  The main purpose of these kits is to help you engrave images on wood.

How do you solder with a wood-burning tool?

A soldering iron is a hand tool, which can be used to heat and melt metal. It has two parts: the base of the pen that heats (the element) and an insulated handle. 

To use one with a wood-burning tool, you only need to place the tip where you want it on your project and turn it on. If using both tools simultaneously for various purposes, make sure there is enough room between them so they don’t touch each other while in operation or damage will occur.

Keep the soldering iron on your work, but make sure to move it every so often as not to overheat any one spot. 

Heating metal can take up to a minute or two depending on what you’re doing with your project. Keep in mind that wood is an organic material and will burn if heated for too long – paint dries and other surfaces may also be ruined by excessive heat from prolonged use of a soldering iron. If using both tools at once, keep them about 6 inches apart (or more) while still close enough together that they are working simultaneously. 

Some people find this easier when the wood-burning tool is placed on top of the tinning mat – this way gravity helps alleviate pressure from being applied to the wood.

What is the difference between pyrography and wood-burning?

While both pyrography and wood burning techniques are a type of artwork created by using heat to burn marks into various types of woods, they have different uses. Pyrography often focuses on patterns with words or images, while wood-burning typically burns single-line drawings.

Final thoughts 

With so many wood-burning kits with soldering irons to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Hopefully, you find this guide helpful in narrowing down your search and finding the perfect one for you! Which of these is your favorite or have you tried? Let us know – we’d love to hear what works best for you.

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