10 Best Soldering Helping Hands
10 Best Soldering Helping Hands
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4 extra helping hands
Strong and flexible arms
Precision alligator clamps
Two alligator style clips
Weighted base
Several points of adjustments
SE Helping Hand
Magnifying Glass
2 alligator clips
4-way swivels
Strong clamps and sturdy base
Adjusting Holding clamps
2x magnifying glass
TEKTON Helping Hand
Holds small workpieces
2-1/2-inch magnifying glass
Solid cast iron base
SE Helping Third Hand
Holds item securely
Built-in magnifying glass
Can hold small components
Womdee Helping Hands
2 x Alligator Clips
USB wire or 3x AAA batteries
Makes your work easier
3x stainless steel alligator clips
1x gooseneck magnifying lamp
5V USB fan
LED Lighted
2 fully adjustable alligator clips
Wire reel holder
Helping Hand + Glass
2-1/2" Magnifying Glass Lens
Heavy Cast Iron Base
2 Alligator Clips Mounted

Video Tutorial: How To Make PCB Fixture Soldering Helping Hand

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  1. A set of soldering hands is so helpful! It has made countless projects of mine easier to tackle. I have one that holds small work pieces securely, has an attached 2 1/2 inch magnifying glass, and solid cast iron base. It has been perfect for many of the small projects I’m tackling. Having your hands free is a lifesaver.

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