10 Best Wire Strippers
10 Best Wire Strippers
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Stays sharp longer
Induction hardened
Crimps terminals
DOWELL Wire Stripper
For copper&aluminum cables
PP+TPR material
Optimal force-transmission
WGGE Professional
Strong-gripping serrated nose
Ergonomic curved handle
Applied to crimping
Capri Tools
Use the precise setting
Cast alloy chassis
Convenient recoiling design
MulWark Multi-Purpose
High-frequency blades
Heat treated sharp blades
Cushion-GRIP handle
Klein Tools 1019
Non-insulated terminals
Insulated terminals
Reinforced head reduces flex
Klein Tools 1010
Easily cuts wire
Easily strips wire
Cushioned handles
Pliers Hybrid Tool
Multi-purpose tool
High-leverage design
Wide knurled head
Wire Cutter & Stripper
Stripping slots
Easily remove insulation
New lock design
Southwire Tools
For solid&stranded wire
Easy to use

I like strippers for wires because they help me to repair almost anything. One of these smart appliances helped to fix an iPhone charger for my girlfriend. I saved one hundred dollars, at least. Make sure to read my guide before buying one of the recommended or other tools that can be found in the U.S. market. I can’t say that it’s the most essential thing for a beginner, but it actually saves a lot of time.

SolderingIronGuide criteria

So, the first things first – the price. A good appliance in this niche will cost you no less than $20, though there are cheaper and more expensive tools. Besides the price, stick to such tips when buying the stripper:

  • Design and total quality – choose the appliances made of aluminum, steel or other hard metals;
  • Grips – rubber grips provide greater stability, according to my experience;
  • Cutting terminals – pick the appliances with diverse American Wire Gauge (a.k.a. AWG) terminals, between 0-40;
  • The ease of use;

The best wire strippers according to SolderingIronGuide:

  • RWIN VISE-GRIP – stay sharp for a long time;
  • DOWELL – perfect for stripping any aluminum or copper cables;
  • WGGE Professional offers a very handy handle I like so much;
  • Capri Tools can boast a convenient recoiling construction;

Essential thing you ought to remember: this tool is not the same as a cutter. But a few expensive instruments may also cut any wires. For instance, the Klein Tools 1010 stripper I included to this list can easily strip and even cut any wire – of any length, thickness, with minimum effort.

Who may benefit from using these instruments?

Actually, these tools are pretty much essential for any electrician jobs. They are great if users need to install a light fixture or a ceiling fan, replace an outlet or wire a garage door. In other words, a quite irreplaceable thing for any DIY electrician jobs.

If you have any questions left, feel free to comment. Did you like the review, my choice and the video tutorial in the end? Can’t wait for your feedback!

Video Tutorial: Which Strippers Are Worth Having?

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m an author of the blog. My hobby is electronic circuits and soldering irons.

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  1. Any of these would be a useful pair of wire strippers. I have a pair I love with high frequency blades, heat treated, and cushioned handles. They are durable and comfortable to use, and I really do not need anything more. I recommend going to a hardware store and holding a few pairs in your hand to see what feels best.

  2. Wire sharpeners are honestly one of the best tools that you can get if you plan to work with welding/soldering. It’s essential that all of your wires are able to connect and sharpening allows them to perfect each other. BTW, thanks for the incredible articles.

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