Hakko FX-888D Review
Hakko FX-888D Review
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Hakko FX-888DFeatures of Hakko FX-888D:

  • Heating time is under 30s to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hakko offers many different tip styles
  • Digital readout of the temperature

The Hakko FX888D is the updated digital version of the ever-popular Hakko FX888 soldering station. It does include several new features: usable, selectable preset temperatures, digital calibration, and operation of password protection. So, if you’re setting this up in a process environment and you do not want your operators fiddling around with the temperature, you can lock them out. Have them set at only one soldering temperature.

Hakko FX888D

It also has a low-temperature alarm. If for some reason it is below temperature, it will sound an alarm, and that’s to protect against any cold solder joints. But for those of you that have used the FX888, you know that its thermal recovery with 65 watts of power is rather impressive.

Tech Features of Hakko FX-888D

Let’s get into the tech specs right now. 65 watts of power. Best out there for a unit of this size. 65 watts of power will give you great flexibility as far as leaded or lead-free soldering applications. The predecessors of the Hakko, by the way, was 42 watts of power, the old 936. This unit weighs 2.6 pounds, rather robust and has a ceramic heating element. That’s one of the things that aids in its thermal recovery, as well as a closed loop sensor for accuracy. And it is accurate from 120 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 899 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s accurate plus or minus a hair under 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hakko FX-888D Complect

The pencil does include a tip. This is a T18 series tip. They go for around $6, a little under, a little over, depending on the geometry that you pick. And one other thing that was nice on the digital station is they do preset temperatures, so you can program in five preset temperatures if you so desire, and then rather than just holding the arrow to increase your temperature, you can just bounce through your presets.

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  1. I love the hakko fx 888d for its newer tech features. Thanks for the in-depth review of them. 65 watts of power, given its size, is great for leaded or lead-free soldering applications. It certainly seems robust yet lightweight, and even accurate in heating. I need to look more into this.

    1. I agree completely, I just found out about the Hakko Fx and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Soldering Iron’s are one of the tools I use most often and I can’t wait to start getting used to the Hakko FX. Also, thanks for writing this article, Tom!

  2. A soldering station is one of those things that everyone who solders have. In the station are all the tools that will allow you to become a professional solderer with ease. Can’t say that there’s anything that compares.

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