5 Weller 25-Watt Soldering Irons
5 Weller 25-Watt Soldering Irons
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Weller SP25NUS
Weller SP25NUS Weller SP25NUS 25-Watts Soldering Iron
Triangular handle
3 leds
Weller SP23LK
Weller SP23LK 25-Watt Soldering Iron
750 degrees Fahrenheit
120 Volts
Made in USA
Weller WSB25HK
Weller WSB25HK 25-Watt Short Barrel Hobby Iron Kit
Trusted, designed
8-piece kit
Made in USA
Weller SP25NKUS
Weller SP25NKUS 25-Watts Soldering Iron Kit
Up to 750 degrees F
Triangular handle
3 leds
Weller LED KIT
Weller Soldering Iron LED KIT 25 WATT 120V
210mm long
Made in USA

Video Tutorial: Choosing The Right Soldering Iron! 20 Watts vs 25 Watts vs 60 Watts

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