weller d550 review

Weller D550 Review

Weller D550 260-Watt/200WFeatures of Weller D550:

  • Power: 260W/200W
  • Tip range 7250/6150/6160
  • Temperature: up to 1100⁰F

Weller D550 User Manual

Having problem? Download Weller D550 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun instructions.

The Weller D550 is a high-powered soldering gun that can handle the toughest jobs. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike, as it has plenty of power to get any job done! In this epic guide, we will go over what you need to know about the Weller D550 Soldering Gun before buying one.

The Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Professional Soldering Gun Kit is the best there is for smoothing, soldering, and cutting. It has a convenient cordless design, so you can use it anywhere. If you’re looking for a high-quality tool that will get difficult jobs done in no time, this is your go-to device!

Specifications: The power of 260 W offers more than enough heating capability while not sacrificing portability. The twin lights illuminate work which makes the beautiful design even better.

This product would be well suited to hobbyists, consumers who want versatility at an affordable price, or professionals looking for a great product with top-notch performance.

Pros and Сons of Weller D550 Soldering Gun


  • No soldering gun is as versatile or allows for the same range of projects and skills
  • Comes with Set of Accessories
  • The power of 260 W offers more than enough heating capability while not sacrificing portability
  • Twin tips make the beautiful design even better


  • Heavier to carry, but still a lightweight professional product
  • Lack of multi-heat settings may be frustrating for those who work with a variety of materials and use different temperatures on occasion

How to Use Weller D550 Soldering Gun?

To use this soldering gun, plug it in and wait for the light to turn green. This indicates that the gun is ready for use.

Prepare your workstation by setting up or placing your project on a stable surface, making sure no flammable materials are nearby.

Adjust the temperature dial with either of the two knobs; adjust them together if you want to change both tips at once.

Solder requires a small tip, while lead-free solder needs a wide placement, and electrical wire could be done using either type but will require more heat settings.

The Weller D550 soldering gun uses proprietary quick-change tips that are only available from your local dealer or distributor. The tip tapers down into the solenoid coil assembly at one end and provides contact between the ground screw on top of the unit, and internal wire leads at the other end when inserted in place in this handle tube. Quick-change tips allow you to change out for different applications without having to take apart the entire tool just for one project!

How to Store Weller D550 Soldering Gun?

You can store the Weller D550 Soldering Gun in a case or box. The gun should be stored at room temperature, but don’t store it in an environment that is more than 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to do this is by placing the soldering iron on a surface and unplugging it from power.

It also needs to be kept away from any flammable materials as these can cause sparks. Then, make sure no one touches the tip of the device while storing it; otherwise, they could get burned if there are live wires inside!

If you’re not using your Weller for a while, then put some oil on both pieces before storage so that they will last longer without rusting.


Is this effective for soldering components of homebrew antennas?

We are unsure if this will adequately solder components of homebrew antennas because there isn’t enough information available about that application in general and how you plan to use it specifically. If we knew more details or had used the product before then, we would have been able to answer your question better, but without any specifics, it is impossible. For example, what kind of antenna do you need? What size should copper wire go through the hole? How big does each component have to be?

Is it possible to order this item in 220 or 240 Volts?

No, this item is only available in 120 volts.

Do you have to hold down the trigger continuously while using the iron?

No, you can release the trigger when you are not using it. The D550 will turn off automatically after a while to conserve power, so that is why this function exists.

The Weller D550 is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase their first soldering gun or upgrade from another type of iron on the market today. You don’t have to press down continuously, and there are two heat levels available as well as other features like auto shut-off, which make it very convenient! It’s also less expensive than some alternatives with similar specifications but has a quality build that feels more durable in hand because of its weight and handles design.

Which is best for lead-free soldering of stained glass?

The best lead-free solder for stained glass is lead-free rosin core solder. This type of solder has a lower melting point, so it’s less likely to damage the stained glass pieces and can be used with either silver or copper as an alloying metal for coloration.

How many amps does the iron provide?

The Weller D550 Soldering Gun has a variable heat control, which provides up to 260 Watts of power that equals about 2 amp.

Video Guide: How To Use Weller D550


Weller D550 soldering gun is a perfect choice for people who want good quality for a reasonable price. It’s both simple and easy to use but has featured more advanced users who will find it helpful.

The Weller D550 soldering iron is perfect if you need something that can do the job quickly with minimal fuss. And it comes at an affordable price too!

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  1. Right you are! Really, Weller D550 is the perfect soldering gun for bringing professional quality and efficient heat to the serious hobbyist user. That’s very good to use.

  2. Right you are!. Really, Weller D550 is the perfect soldering gun for bringing professional quality and efficient heat to the serious hobbyist user. The Weller D550 heats in just 6 seconds and solder heavy-duty hobbyist applications quickly, then switch to one of the included specialty tips to handle a range of soldering jobs. That’s very good to use.

  3. If this had more tips included, it would have been a real steal for its price tag. It saves a lot of time by heating fast, has different accessories that are useful and overall, offers good end results even by professional standards.

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