5 Best Soldering Irons for Jewelry Making
5 Best Soldering Irons for Jewelry Making
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Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V
5 solder tips
Max Temperature: 450 °C
Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit, Updated Soldering Gun Kit Best
A Focus On Safety
Cools down in a flash
Max Temperature: 450 °C
Soldering Kit - Soldering Iron 60 W Adjustable Temperature
Adjustable Temperature
Heat Time: 60 seconds
Max Temperature: 450 °C
Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Kit Electronics
ON/OFF Switch
Heat up Quickly
Vastar Soldering Iron Kit, Full Set 60W
Max Temperature: 450 °C
Heat up Quickly

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86.9% of users selected Tabiger, 4.76% selected Magnetos, 4.76% selected Plusivo, 1.19% selected HANDSKIT and 2.38% selected Vastar. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Jewelry making is a popular pastime that often involves soldering. The right tools can make this process easier and more enjoyable. We have corralled five of our favorite soldering irons for jewelry making into one arena. After taking a deep look at each of these soldering products, we’re happy to share our honest opinion with our readers. In case that isn’t enough, we’ve paired our reviews up with a comprehensive buying guide. Our goal is to streamline the soldering iron buying process by thinning out the inferior products and focus on the strongest contenders.

Tabiger 60- to 100-Volt Soldering Iron Kit – Editor’s Pick

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110VThe Tabiger soldering iron is an excellent addition any jewelry making setup. This impressive device can reach temperatures as high as 842 degrees. The iron’s well-made ceramic heating element achieves its target temperature in just a few seconds.

The device has large venting holes for enhanced energy efficiency and user safety. It also comes with a high-powered solder sucker. This handy device can be used to remove unsightly mistakes. It also offers impressive suction with the press of a button.

This device also comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case. This portable toolbox boasts a protective layer of dense foam. As such, the contents of the case are protected at all times. In addition to the iron, the case is stocked with a set of six unique soldering tips, a 40/60 solder spool, a soldering stand, and a soldering pump. The entire kit is backed by a 12-month warranty. Overall, the Tabiger iron and accessories are ideal for precision-minded metalwork.

While we recommend this impressive kit for home-based jewelry making, it is also great for electronic repairs and other DIY tasks. It comes with everything you need to get started. You can save an abundance of time and money by purchasing the Tabiger soldering kit.


  • Includes five unique soldering tips
  • Includes metal soldering iron stand with coil and sponge
  • Soldering wire tube and anti-static tweezers
  • Reaches temperatures between 392 and 842 degrees
  • Trigger button for one-handed operations
  • High-pressure vacuum for removing solder
  • Durable, heat-resistant aluminum body
  • Portable tool box with foam padding


  • Electric prongs may become loose in standard outlet
  • Temperatures marked in Celsius

Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit – Best Budget Option

Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit, Updated Soldering Gun Kit BestThe Magneto soldering iron kit is yet another condensed collection of tools that are perfect for jewelry making and metal joint work. The Magneto soldering iron is a powerful pen-shaped tool that offers 110 to 220 volts of power.

It can reach an impressive 842 degrees in seconds. If you aren’t looking for extreme heat, you can use the iron’s temperature dial to hone in on a lower target temperature. This iron boasts several large heat venting holes for faster cooldowns and improved energy efficiency. It also has an ergonomic, non-slip grip for safer work sessions. Overall, the iron’s heating element promises a lifetime of melted solder.

The Magneto soldering iron comes in a soft zippered case. Inside, you will find 28 high-quality soldering accessories. Bonus materials include an assortment of soldering tips, anti-static tweezers, wire strippers, and much more. You can also use the elements in the kit to construct a durable soldering iron stand.

Of course, we love that this iron is made with certified non-toxic materials. It features a smooth pen-shaped form with a heat-resistant grip. It is engineered for safe and precise soldering.

Customers agree that the Magneto is accurate and easy to use. Since the kit includes everything you need to get started, it’s a great collection for jewelry makers who are just getting started. Of course, the kit can also be used to perform repairs to circuit boards and small electronics. As such, it is an excellent addition to any home workshop.


  • 28-piece kit
  • 110 to 220 volts
  • Adjustable temperature between 200 and 450 degrees
  • Includes fabric carrying case with zipper closure and elastic holders
  • Bargain-rate price
  • Includes a powerful solder sucker


  • Not suitable for professional use

Plusivo 60-Watt Soldering Iron – Customer Favorite

Soldering Kit - Soldering Iron 60 W Adjustable TemperatureThe Plusivo soldering kit is a customer favorite. For less than $15, consumers can score this 60-watt soldering kit with all the essential accessories.

The Plusivo iron, stand, tip set, pump, wick, and tweezers are packed neatly in a zip-up fabric carrying case. The case makes it easier to take this set of small accessories on the go.

While the Plusivo iron can be used in several types of soldering applications, it’s perfect for jewelry work and other percise projects. It comes with a dual spring soldering iron stand for safer standbys. It also includes a large assortment of accessories that aid in both soldering and desoldering. Of course, the PU carrying case keeps all the loose pieces together. Most customers agree that the Plusivo offers enough power for advanced soldering projects. What’s more, many customers found the free eBook to be informative and fun.


  • Maximum temperature of 842 degrees
  • Standard US plug
  • Black and red carrying case
  • Includes several essential accessories
  • Includes five soldering iron tips and a heat-resistant cap
  • Bonus eBook included with each purchase
  • 30-day return policy


  • Takes 60 minutes to achieve target temperature

Handskit Soldering Iron Kit – Most Compact Option

Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Kit ElectronicsThe Handskit soldering iron is a 60-watt device that can achieve temperatures as high as 842 degrees. This small device is perfect for jewelry making and other DIY applications.

The Handskit heats up quickly and maintains its target temperature for an extended period. An onboard thermostat helps regulate the device’s adjustable temperature range. The kit also comes with several desoldering essentials, including a high-pressure desoldering pump and a 2-millimeter soldering wick.

All of the Handskit soldering kit accessories are stored in a durable PU carrying case. This storage capsule opens like a trapper keeper, revealing two jam-packed sections of well-organized accessories. The collection is perfect for any hobbyist looking to break into the world of DIY soldering. It provides users with a wide range of accessories as well as a place to store them. If you’re a jewelry maker with lots of small parts to keep track of, the Handskit kit is worth a look!


  • 60-watt soldering iron with adjustable temperature range
  • Max temperature of 842 degrees
  • High-powered desoldering pump
  • Several replacement tips and soldering accessories
  • Zip-up PU carrying case
  • Includes soldering stand with spring and sponge
  • Achieves target temperature within 60 seconds


  • Does not include flux

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit – Best Chip-Fixed Resistor

Vastar Soldering Iron Kit, Full Set 60WTo start things off, we love that the Vastar soldering iron can achieve its target temperature in just 15 seconds. It offers an adjustable temperature range that is perfect for jewelry making, circuit board repairs, and other electric applications.

The iron gets its power from a standard electrical circuit. Nevertheless, this small device has a long power cord and a lightweight body. As such, it’s one of the most portable kits we’ve come across.

The Vastar kit comes with a desoldering pump, a soldering stand, five soldering tips, and anti-static tweezers. Unlike our previous picks, this tool does not come with a carrying case. However, the device’s superior heat dissipation system makes it a timeless option. Most customers find it easy to operate the Vastar. It offers adequate soldering and desoldering applications. What’s more, it boasts an unbeatable price!


  • 110 volts, 60 watts
  • 60-inch electrical cable
  • Achieves max temperature in seconds
  • Includes five-piece tip set
  • Includes desoldering pump and accessories
  • Comes with a tube of solder and anti-static tweezers
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Chip-fixed resistor


  • Tends to come loose from wall outlet
  • No carrying case

What to Look for in a Soldering Iron for Jewelry Making – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re making new jewelry or repairing small electronics, a well-made soldering iron will help you achieve all your soldering goals. In this section, we discuss what to look for in a jewelry-making soldering iron.


When you are shopping for a soldering iron, wattage should be at the forefront of your decision. Irons with high wattages heat up fast and maintain their temperatures for extended periods. A high wattage also ensures that a soldering iron will adequately regain any heat lost during soldering. When shopping for a soldering iron for jewelry making, we recommend opting for an iron that offers 60 or more watts.


When working with different materials, you may need to adjust the temperature of your soldering iron. Irons with adjustable temperatures boast built-in thermostats. These elements are typically controlled by an onboard temperature dial. Most irons have temperature settings that range from 200 to 842 degrees. Keep in mind that many irons are labeled with Celsius measurements. Steer clear of irons with finicky thermostats. Inferior designs may make it impossible to hone in on a specific temperature.

Ergonomics and Safety

Most jewelry makers prefer to use soldering pencils. These devices are perfect for jobs that require nimble fingers and ample precision. Soldering pencils are long and narrow. They can typically be controlled with a single hand. Many soldering pencils come with stands. These additional elements make for safer standby periods. Most soldering stands include resting coils and sponges.

Soldering irons house powerful internal heating elements. As such, it is important to always opt for an iron that boasts a heat-resistant handle. Anti-slip features, such as molded grips, are also vital safety elements. Of course, all irons should feature some sort of heat dissipation system. Venting holes and anti-static protection are just two important soldering iron safety features.

Tips and Soldering Accessories

Jewelry making requires a wide range of soldering iron tips. While these elements can be purchased after your initial purchase, it helps if a soldering iron comes with a starter set. A wide range of tips will help you fine-tune your creations.

Desoldering Accessories

Desoldering tools enable you to remove unwanted solder and perform repairs. Desoldering accessories include solder suckers and wicks. A solder sucker should boast a power suction and durable tube. This will help you remove hot solder without injuring yourself.

Price and Warranty

Most jewelry making soldering kits are priced around $15. This low price often includes a bundle of soldering and desoldering accessories. Some kits even come with complimentary carrying cases. A well-made and reasonably priced soldering kit should offer you a lifetime of soldering applications.

Home or Professional

Many home-based jewelry makers expand into the craft industry. More often than not, a few custom jewelry sales enable crafters to continue their hobbies without succumbing to financial restraints. If you plan on taking your jewelry making hobby to the next level, it makes sense to invest in quality iron. Find a device that heats up fast and maintains its target temperature for long periods. Then, work on setting up a professional soldering station with plenty of soldering and desoldering essentials.

Video Tutorial: Soldering Jewelry with a Solder gun

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our top five soldering irons! These incredible tools will put the final touches on all of your homemade jewelry. Almost all of the kits on our list include accessory packs jammed with soldering goodies. Did you recently start soldering metal jewelry? Let us know what you’re working on in the comment section below!

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m an author of the blog. My hobby is electronic circuits and soldering irons.

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