10 Best Wire Cutters
10 Best Wire Cutters
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Micro Cutter
Soft-wire cutter
2.5mm heat-treated
Curved jaw
Classic trigger release
Includes wire cutter
Klein Tools 11055
Cuts, strips and loops
Holes for looping
Strong-gripping nose
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters
Sharp and strong
Environmentally friendly
Hakko CHP MicroCutter
Max cut: 16 wag
Rockwell hardness (arch) 56
Ergonomic handle for comfort
BOENFU Wire Cutter
It easier to cut
Modern & scientific
Anti-electronic shock
Channellock 87
30% lighter
Compact Cable Cutters
Standard battery cables
Flush Cutter
Improved knife design
Greater tool control
Ultra slim profile
Klein Tools Wire Stripper
Adjustable stopper to control
Convenient wire cutter
Tensioning thumb wheel
Automatic rebound function
Comfortable and convenient
Jewelry processing

No matter, if you just do the soldering works occasionally or regularly; it will be hard to avoid the part of cutting the wires. That is when high-grade wire cutter can save the day.

This small but handy tool is capable of slicing any wires to the preferred number of pieces in mere seconds. However, many cheap cutting tools are only worth skipping. I added this review with one clear purpose – to help everyone who wants to invest into a top-notch, durable instrument.

The rating of these cutting instruments gives the unbiased opinion on the best appliances in this narrow niche. I assure you that any of the offered tools will cut more than the thickest wires and go easily through hardware clothes, wire ties, welded fences and finish nails.

The best wire cutters for any maintenance and electrician jobs:

  • Micro is very soft, with the “dolphin style”;
  • IRWIN VISE-GRIP has a curved jaw and classic trigger I like so much;
  • Klein Tools 11055 is very durable, has holes for looping;

Other U.S. and foreign brands of cutting tools for wires that I can strongly recommend: IGAN, Hakko, BOENFU, Channellock, Flush, Klein Tools, and KAHIOE.

In the light of the above-mentioned criteria, I would like to say that even the best instruments shouldn’t cost more than $20. Keep in mind that this and other SolderingIronGuide reviews are posted with occasional updates. I also make sure to add video tutorials to simplify the choice. I encourage you to subscribe because I’m going to post more detailed reviews for professional and amateur electricians.

Video Tutorial: 6 Ways How to Strip Wire

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m an author of the blog. My hobby is electronic circuits and soldering irons.

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  1. I have so many pairs of wire cutters, yet I feel like you can never have enough. This is a good list of ones to get nearly anyone started. I have a pair of soft wire cutters and curved jaw cutters. Together, those two can accomplish pretty much whatever I need for most projects.

  2. By far the Micro Cutter is the best wire cutter anyone could buy. I’ve been using one for a while now and have found no flaws. It simply works well and stands the test of time. It’s a great tool if you are in need to cut a lot of wire quickly and efficiently.

  3. Wire cutters are simply a must if you plan to be working with wires regularly. Often times wires come in large packs where they give you length instead of exactly what you need. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for this by getting one of these wire cutters.

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