Yome Soldering Iron Kit Review

Yome Soldering Kit Review

An adjustable temperature unit, screwdriver head, wire cutters, and desoldering pump are supported by the Yome 15-in-1 soldering iron package. To monitor anything in your hands, temperature control is integrated right into the handle of the device.

Yome Soldering Kit Electronics

  • 15-in-1
  • 60 w
  • Adjustable Temperature

Major features of the Yome Soldering Kit: 

  • Battery powered (60 W);
  • The maximum temperature range is 842F;
  • Improved temperature control;
  • LED indicator;
  • Anti-skid silicone handle;

In addition, it offers an adjustable temperature regulation knob as well as fast ventilation for heat dissipation.

Besides the sophisticated soldering iron, this Yome kit includes: 

  • The stand is made of steel;
  • Desoldering pump;
  • Tweezers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Wire cutters;
  • Wire stripper;
  • A PU leather carry bag;
  • Tin wire tube;
  • Two electronic wires;
  • Five soldering tips of different style;

Instead of aluminum and rubber, the desoldering pump utilizes components. For a longer life, the five soldering tips given have a 30 per cent improvement in materials and we have installed sponge blocks to clean them quickly.

The wire cutter is safer, quicker and easier to use with an anti-slip stick. Without spinning the cable, you can quickly cut wires and remove wire insulation, and the metal cutting edge of an inclined head shape provides entry to places that are hard to find.


A few examples of how you may use the Yome soldering iron: 

  • Good for soldering circuit boards;
  • Great for soldering small parts and appliances;
  • Can help with jewelry making and repair;
  • When you need to build a power switch for a LED light;
  • Good for tinning the leads of a stranded wire;

Possible issues and limitations:

  • Never solder onto dirty metals;
  • Won’t cut 10 or 12 gauge wire;
  • Make sure to have a few replacement tips nearby;

Recommendations for users

This is how you should maintain the Yome soldering iron’s tip.

The first move is to have your tips tinted. Instructions would typically be contained in the instruction manual for doing this. Next, use a sponge for washing such that the tip during a job does not remain dry.

Dry heat will destroy the tip even quicker, so before applying more solder, be sure to make better use of the sponge to clean.

Leave the welder going, eventually. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the lifetime of your tips can be significantly increased by washing the iron and applying fresh solder any time you extract the iron from its holder, as well as placing a final bit of solder on before shutting the iron off.

The explanation for this is simple: it will melt the solder as you heat the iron, and the stored moisture will be adequate to avoid the tip from being destroyed by additional heat.

Pros and Cons of Yome Soldering Kit


  • Great heat and temperature control;
  • Affordable;
  • Many useful accessories;
  • Quality on/off button;
  • Useful Phillips head screwdriver;
  • Work Voltage: 110V;
  • Temperature Range: 392℉ – 842℉ (200℃ – 450 ℃);
  • Soldering Iron Stand: Steel;
  • Carry Bag: PU leather.


  • The stand is flimsy;
  • Small wire stripper;
  • Cools down slowly;
  • May rust;
  • The handle may burn easily;
  • Thin tips poor quality.

The Yome soldering iron kit is versatile, easy to use. It is suitable for beginners and DIYers who need a reliable and affordable soldering iron with many features/accessories. 

The Buyer’s Guide

A soldering kit is a personal option, as several different instruments. For a completely different reason, everyone will use their welding iron, and everyone will have certain standards that they like their soldering iron to follow. These criteria are: 


A soldering iron’s power production is estimated in watts. You want it to heat up easily and retain an even temperature by using one of these soldering methods. That’s why a soldering iron’s wattage is one of its most significant characteristics. About 20 and 60 watts are provided by most models today. Around 40 to 50 watts can provide a consistent model. This would make sure you have enough heat for your designs. These higher power levels do not imply more heat.

They have more available power instead, helping you to fine-tune your instrument’s stable output depending on your needs. Any hobbyists could be tempted to save some cash and buy a model that provides less strength. Irons providing lower watts of about 20 or 30 might do the job. Yet it takes longer for them to heat up and lose heat more easily, contributing to messy solder joints.

Temperature range

Soldering irons, particularly electronics, can be a fantastic instrument that can be used to tackle a number of projects. To heat the tip of the iron, these soldering tools use a power source. This tip is then used for solder melting, enabling two items to be connected by this conductive substance. The heat that these instruments need depends on the procedure. At 380 degrees Fahrenheit, the most popular solder melts.

Many models can deliver temperatures exceeding the amount to achieve this temperature, with some models providing temps up to 800F. While there are several forms of soldering iron equipped with fixed temperature settings, several models provide temperature dials that enable the heat to be changed based on the application you choose.


Specifically for you, a few different specs may be relevant. You should recognize that you need a soldering iron or soldering station which reaches a certain temperature. You might need it to be consistent with an instrument you already own. You may have a particular program you need to solder, whether you have standards or laws to deal with. Maybe to fit a small toolbox, it has to be compact enough.

Try to build a list of all the features that your welding iron requires. You might also make a secondary list of items you don’t need, but you’d still love them. Then, keep this page handy when you buy various soldering stations and irons. This way you can conveniently skip any iron that does not have all the characteristics that you can not compromise on.


The last thing to consider is the soldering iron’s price. For instance, the Yome soldering iron costs only $26. There are numerous versions that vary from $10 to over $200 on the market. Although a cheap soldering iron may not work well, investing a small fortune in one of these soldering tools isn’t really important. Most consumers will potentially get impressive outcomes from a mid-range model that costs less than $100. The key factor to note is how much you expect to use the instrument, what sort of tasks you’re trying to pursue, and how much you’re able to pay.


What soldering iron kit does a beginner need?

The amount of wattage could be between 20 and 50 watts. When you solder a link, a higher-wattage soldering iron will sustain a steady temperature longer and can reheat itself more easily in between. The tip needs to be replaceable.

How long does a Yome soldering tip last?

After long use, even the pricey soldering stations like Weller and Hakko get darker. But as long as the heating components are not broken, the tips can remain glossy. Usually, they will live for years. Any affordable soldering tips last 2-3 times for just 1 week after being used.

Replacing a cheaper tip as much as once a month is the first (and least helpful) one. Maintaining the tip correctly, though, will eliminate the need for this. It is natural for the purplish tint that forms on the inside and will not damage your iron.

A more specific solution is that after the iron plating has been breached, you can substitute a tip. Proper handling can make it easier for the tip to survive a long time, often even many years. Sadly, the tip can fail if the coating is breached.

Are cheap soldering irons like this Yome device any good?

There is very little variation between a soldering iron of $15 and $80 in practical terms. For limited workers, they fit well enough (buy a nice iron if you plan doing a lot of soldering work). An inexpensive soldering iron fine-tip will do fine-pitch work; the tip is normally the limiting factor (cheap tips wear quickly).

Video Review:Yome Soldering Iron Kit

Final thoughts

The Yome welding iron works well and heats up easily. For tiny electronics, it is fine. A number of tips come with the package. There is a decent selection of worthless garbage in all of the other sets, but this package has a screwdriver with a reasonable selection of Phillips and slotted heads, a good pair of angled tweezers, and a nice set of tiny diagonal cutters.

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  1. I was so excited to receive my new Yome soldering iron kit. I had done a lot of research online and knew that this one would be the best for my needs. I read all about it, saw videos of people using them, looked at reviews, and most importantly, watched the great video on their website about how to use it.

    It has definitely lived up to my expectations! I’ve used it for everything from repairing broken jewelry pieces to building power switches for LEDs with small wires. It’s made me realize what an important tool this is in tackling projects around the house or workspace!

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