Welding Plastic with a Soldering Iron

Welding Plastic with Soldering Iron

Most people replace an object’s plastic covering as it cracks or breaks into pieces; nevertheless, plastic is surprisingly malleable and simple to melt and reassemble with a soldering tool. Although the restored item would not appear precisely like it did when it was fresh, with experience, nice plastic welds that are not visually noticeable may …

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how to desolder

How to Desolder

Desoldering can seem a bit of a tedious process, but there are a few items you can use to make it a breeze. Your go-to tool for desoldering is the solder pump or solder sucker. Yes, that is its official name, and as the name implies, it uses a spring-loaded plunger to pull molten solder …

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Resistor Color Codes

Resistor Color Codes

A resistor is a two-terminal passive electrical part that acts as a circuit element by implementing electrical resistance. Resistors are used in electrical circuits for a variety of purposes, including reducing current movement, adjusting signal speeds, dividing voltages, biasing active components, and terminating transmission lines. A resistor is a component that regulates the flow of current …

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How to Tell if Arduino is Fried?

How to Tell if Arduino is Fried?

“Frying” does not imply putting the Arduino in a frying pan and turning it on. It describes a situation when the board has been electrically damaged and is no longer usable. If you notice a burning odor coming from your Arduino, it’s time to replace it. Through adding incorrect voltages or creating inappropriate links, people often …

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How to Wire a Stepper Motor?

How to Wire a Stepper Motor?

DC motors that drive in separate stages are known as stepper motors. They have a number of coils that are grouped into “phases”. The motor can rotate one stage at a time by energizing each process in order. You may achieve very accurate positioning and/or pace modulation with computer-driven stepping. As a result, stepper motors …

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What is an AC Power Source_

What is an AC Power Source?

A power supply is an electrical system that transforms electric current from a power source, such as the mains, into the voltage and current values used to power a load, such as a motor or electronic device. The power of a power supply is to provide the correct voltage and current to the load. The …

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What is an oscilloscope

What is an Oscilloscope?

Pumps, compressors, engines, conveyors, machines, and other manufacturing equipment use oscilloscopes to transform electrical power to mechanical power. The voltage signals that power these electromechanical devices are an essential yet unseen force. So, how can you see and catch the invisible force? An oscilloscope (also known as an o-scope or just scope) is a graphical …

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How to Discharge a Capacitor_

How to Discharge a Capacitor?

A charged capacitor’s short circuit poses a significant danger of burning out the electrical part and other circuit components. There’s still the risk of electrocution and burning. The higher the capacitor’s capacitance and voltage, the more harm it can do in the case of a short circuit. Often make sure the capacitor is discharged before withdrawing …

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How to solder stainless steel

How to Solder Stainless Steel

The process of soldering stainless steel seems challenging, but don’t expect big difficulties. Alloys containing less than a quarter of chromium and nickel are easy to fuse. Moreover, these alloys can create strong bonds with other metal elements, excluding aluminum and magnesium. Understanding the process and preparation Remember that some nickel-plated alloys can form carbides …

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